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Online Summer Learning Programs

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Online summer learning programs are a great option for those working to make up work from the school year or add on some credits. As a work at home mom, I encourage my kids to pick up a class over the summer. It is a great way for them to have something their engaged with to do. It’s also a great way for me to help them structure their time a bit. Here are a few of the summer learning programs you can use.

Summer learning programs are a great way to avoid the summer slump. This list is filled with some of the best programs!

Summer Learning Programs

**Disclaimer – Some of these services will be free and others will have a charge. While I will note the charges as they are upon the writing of this post, charges can change. Please check the website for the current pricing.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online learning site that has classes and programs for a variety of subjects and grade levels. Some of these classes area electives while others are core subjects. I am not sure if these will count for credit for upper level education. The length of the classes and the depth of coverage will vary depending on grade level and topic. Here are a few of my favorite things Khan Academy offers.

  • SAT Prep – This program is customized to the child and includes practice tests in partnership with the college board.
  • Computing – This includes programs such as coding, computer programming, and even pixar in a box!
  • Life skills – Focus on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more!

State funded online programs

In Florida, we have something called Florida Virtual Flex. Middle school and high school students can take accredited courses for a variety of topics. For my teen, this means this summer will be her chance to take some of her high school credits so she can focus on dual enrollment courses. Classes offered will vary based on the state. For the Florida version you can find core topics as well as electives.


This is a site designed with homeschoolers in mind. The program is on a monthly payment setup. We have not used this program in homeschooling when we did or in our public school supplementing life. That said, from what I understand this site covers a variety of topics for a variety of age levels. These classes will not be accredited and will not count for high school credit. If you are looking for credits, this is not the program for you.


Outschool offers a variety of classes. These will be taught by instructors who have signed up to teach with the program. Your experience with classes will vary greatly depending on who is teaching and the length of the class. There are many shorter time frame classes over a variety of topics. You can find voice lessons, Minecraft building courses, and writing classes. These are not accredited courses. Instead, these will offer you the ability to let your children stay entertained and engaged with something they enjoy.
There is a charge for these classes and the pricing will vary depending on which class you take and the length of the class. Some classes will have a set day/time while others will be a learn at your own pace approach.


Codecademy is $15 a year for students and will teach them how to code in a variety of different formats. This program will not count for school credit but it is a great starting point for a child who is highly interested in coding and computer based learning.

Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper is an online english and grammar program that mixes fun with learning! This program has a variety of learning style approaches and even includes feedback on your child’s writing from the staff at Night Zookeeper. This program is not accredited but it is a good way to keep kids writing over the summer. There is a charge for this program. In my opinion, it’s worth every cent!


Duolingo is an online language learning program that is free to the public. With over 20 languages available, this program is a great option for letting your children working on learning a new language. This program is not accredited for school credit but it could be a great way to supplement work on language learning. I would recommend using it as a good practice before heading into a language course in the fall months.

Speak with your local college

With a variety of online learning options available at local colleges, your older child may have the ability to use summer to dual enroll and work on college coursework over the summer. In many states you can take advantage of dual enrollment coursework without paying for the class as long as you are still actively enrolled in a high school. It is important to note that summer courses at a college can be accelerated and leave some kids overwhelmed. Only take these courses if you believe your child can handle the accelerated pace.

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