Do I need therapy? Answer these five questions to find out if you should be seeing a mental health professional.

Do I Need Therapy?

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Do I need therapy? There is a strong focus on mental health and taking quality care of ourselves now. If you’re on many social platforms, you’ve probably noticed a mental health quote or post in your feed at some point. Even tv commercials have started to share suicide prevention information. So, do you need therapy? Let’s figure that out with a few of the questions below.

Do I need therapy? Answer these five questions to find out if you should be seeing a mental health professional.

How do I know if I need therapy?

If you find yourself asking if you need to go to therapy I would encourage you to start by asking why. Spending some time looking at your reasoning for considering therapy can be a huge help.

Do I need therapy for a big life change?

Big life changes such as the death of a loved one, the addition of a new child to the family, or a big change to your normal can be pivotal. While they can each come with their own experiences and struggles, it can be helpful to walk through these changes with a quality therapist. When going through a big life change, we can easily push things down and ignore them. We can also find unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Working with a therapist when going through a major life change can be profoundly helpful. It can make the transition much easier on you and those around you.

Do I need therapy for a major trauma?

Physical and emotional traumas don’t go away on their own. In fact, trauma can change the way the brain works according to information from The National Library of Medicine. For some, coping mechanisms healthy and unhealthy can mask the impact of trauma. However, it will always find a way to remind you it was there. In fact, for some there will be physical reactions to a trauma experience even if they don’t acknowledge the trauma.

Working with a quality therapist specializing in trauma after a traumatic event is crucial. They will help you to process the traumatic experiences. Therapy after trauma can also give you the healthy coping skills you need to thrive in spite of your experience.

Do I need therapy for a toxic past?

One of the biggest areas my therapist helps me is with navigating certain parenting situations. I had a very toxic childhood that I don’t want to repeat. My therapist knows about my past and helps me to find healthy ways to navigate some of my biggest parenting struggles. It has also been highly valuable as she helps me to see when my toxic past clouds my current choices. Spending time with a therapist can help you to make healthier choices after a toxic past.

When you were going through toxic things it can leave unhealthy things behind. Working through those with a therapist can help you to make better choices.

Are you having shifts in your emotional normals?

Have your emotions been changing in a way that doesn’t feel normal? Sometimes when you are struggling with a mental health situation that could use help, your emotions tell you before you realize. Emotions can be a good thermometer for how you’re mental health is. If you find that you are down more than normal, more angry than usual, or that your moods are eratic, it may be time to seek some help.

Working with a therapist can help you to find out what is typical for you and how it impacts you now. Spending some time with a therapist can help you get to the root of the emotional shifts so you can move forward.

What if I don’t think I need therapy?

My husband and I have been talking about him going to therapy for years! In fact, it’s been something I have begged him to do for as long as we’ve been married. He would often say he wasn’t bad enough to need therapy and that he would be taking someone else’s spot. Fast forward to the present and my husband agreed to start therapy. He is thriving and has learned a great deal about it.

Sometimes we’re looking at therapy thinking it’s only for a certain type of person. It can be a big help to try a few weeks and see if it is something you aren’t aware you need for yourself.

What if I need therapy?

Do you need therapy? This is a great place to be! You will have the chance to meet and work with new therapists! I am a huge advocate of working with online therapists! There is something about working on your mental health on your schedule. Take the time to ask questions and decide if that therapist is a good fit for you. With time, you will find that you will start to heal and feel better about yourself. Needing therapy does not mean you’re broken and no one was meant to do life alone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a therapist?

Choosing a therapist doesn’t have to be a stressful process! Take some time to look at their specialty and qualifications, and read reviews about how efficient the office is. Spending time researching your therapist can help you to select someone who is of higher quality for you.

Is it ok to not want therapy?

Yes. It is ok to not want therapy due to a variety of factors. Many therapists have meant well and done more damage than good. I would challenge you to find a mental health professional that practices in a way that you can heal. Dealing with unresolved issues helps you to avoid bigger issues later.

Should I go to therapy if I feel fine?

Therapy has become much more popular in this generation. I think it’s important to ask yourself if you would benefit from talking about life and some of your struggles with someone. Therapy isn’t just about trauma. Sometimes it’s about having an unbiased third party who is ready and willing to listen.

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