Science YouTube Channels for kids to use for homeschooling or to have fun learning about science.

YouTube Science Channels for Kids

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Science experiments and science lessons can be so much fun for kids. However, all science channels on YouTube are not created equal. It’s important to find channels that keep things appropriate as well as safe. There are some fantastic scientists on YouTube so I decide to put together a list for you. Check out these YouTube science channels for kids. 

Science YouTube Channels for kids to use for homeschooling or to have fun learning about science.

Science YouTube Channels for Kids

Science Max

Science Max is a huge favorite of my son’s. His teacher actually uses these videos in class. With episodes as much as 45 minutes long, this is a great way to get kids interested in science in a fun way. 

Sick Science


Sick Science is a channel featuring Steve Spangler. Many of these videos will have experiments that can be done by children. Even better, a lot of them use supplies that you already have in the house. 

SciShow Kids


This channel is a great channel for kids who ask why and how a lot! With multiple videos sharing why and how things work, this can be a great way to answer their questions without having to know all the answers. 

Mark Rober


Mark Rober does a variety of short and longer videos filled with science explanations kids are sure to love. With topics like does a fart make you weigh less, he captures the attention of the child and keeps them interested. 

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids has short videos touching on different scientific concepts. These short videos are packed with information and give children simple projects they can work on. 

Mr. DeMaio


Mr. DeMaio is a fantastic channel filled with facts and information about Science. His videos are filled with engaging content to keep kids laughing while they are learning. Talk about a win-win. 

Fun Science for Kids


Fun Science for Kids is a child run YouTube channel that offers a variety of science videos for kids. Each video has some fun elements of science and entertainment from the perspective of a child. 

Kids Fun Science


Kids Fun Science has more of a made at home video feel to it. However, the actual content is fantastic! You are sure to find some great tips and tricks for experiments you can do with items already in the home. The dancing spaghetti one above is a great example of an experiment you could probably do now. 

The Science Kid


The Science kid has adorable science experiments that she shares with kids. Some of these look like they would be a lot of fun. Even better, kids can feel like it’s something they can do when they see another child doing it. 

Science Channel

Science Channel has a lot of great how it’s made videos. If you are looking for a fun thing to show the kids about the how and why behind something, this is a great video. 

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