Write Me a Story Jar Craft and Free Printable Writing Prompts
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Write Me a Story Jar Craft | Free Printable Writing Prompts

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This year my daughter has become obsessed with writing. She was going through writing prompt printables quicker than I could create them for her. I decided the other day that it was time to create something new for her. That’s why I made this write me a story jar craft. It’s sure to be a fun and easy way to get her writing.

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Write Me a Story Jar Craft

This jar was incredibly easy to make. I hope that it works for your home or classroom as well.

You will need:

1 Jar – You can use a canning jar or do like I did and use an old sauce jar.
Mod Podge
Paint Brush – I used foam brushes.
Write Me a Story Printable <– Print it here

Writing Prompt Jar Craft

Start by cutting out your Write Me a Story printable so that it has no white showing outside of the rulers.

Coat the back of this paper in mod podge.

Apply to the jar evenly and centered.

Writing Prompt Jar Craft

Add a coat of mod podge over the label to seal it. Please note that some of the color may bleed as you do your top coat of mod podge.

Print your Writing Prompt Printables for the Write me a Story Jar

From here, cut up and fold your writing prompts.

Place them in the jar. Whenever your child needs to write or wants to write they can grab one of the prompts and have a great time creating a new story.

Write me a story Writing Prompt Printables

Writing prompts included are: 

  • Write a story where the animals can talk and the people can’t.
  • You run a store that could sell anything in the universe. What do you sell and what kind of customers do you have?
  • You land on a planet filled with aliens. What kind of aliens are there and are they going to be friendly?
  • Three elves met in the woods for a secret conversation. They finally had enough and were ready to change things.
  • Every time the Bears left the house, Goldilocks ate their porridge. This time things would be different. The Bears had a plan.
  • It was Summer and everyone was heading out to play in the water. There was just one problem.
  • If you could turn into one animal for a day, which animal would you become and what would you do?
  • You were sitting on the couch minding your business when the cat started to talk. It turns out the fate of the world depends on the information he just gave you. What did he say and what happens next?
  • Imagine you are a superhero. What is your superpower? Who is your enemy? How do you save the day?
  • You can jump into your favorite book for one day. Which character are you and how do you help the characters in the story?
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