Ways To Save With Amazon

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Shopping with Amazon can be a great way to cut costs. Not only can you find great deals but you can avoid a trip to the store. I’ve put together ways to save with Amazon to help you make the most of your shopping. Not only is Amazon a great site for shopping but it’s a great place to get a lot of great deals. Here are my favorite ways to save money with Amazon.

Ways to save with Amazon without doing a ton of extra work! These tips are sure to give you easy ways to use Amazon right!

Amazon Savings Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer – Any Amazon links below that you see will be affiliate links. This just means that if you buy something from Amazon after clicking one of these links, I will get a very tiny percentage. That said, I am not posting this for that reason. My goal is simply to help you make the most of your money!

Sign Up for an Amazon Prime Membership

Before you do anything else, sign up for an Amazon Prime Membership. Amazon Prime memberships are the ultimate savings hack if you plan to use Amazon for any of your shopping needs!

See the full list of prime benefits here.

  • Free 2 day or 1 day prime shipping (This will vary depending on vendor, whether it’s in stock, and where you live.)
  • Prime Video – Amazon has a LARGE selection of movies, tv shows, and more available on prime video that is free with Amazon prime.
  • Early access to deals – When shopping with Amazon prime
  • Amazon photos – This includes free photo storage for all of your photos on the Amazon digital server.
  • Amazon Prime Gaming – Prime gaming allows you to download free digital games and digital items to use in online gaming.

Subscribe & Save

Amazon subscribe and save will allow you to set up an ongoing shipment of some of your most commonly bought items. Things like laundry soap, toilet paper, pet food, and more can be sent to your door at a discounted rate via subscribe & save. Save an extra 10-15% on items you already have to buy for your home! If you find that you don’t need something on a given month, pause it and it can be pushed off to a different month.

Today’s Deals

When shopping on Amazon you need to navigate to the today’s deals tab. This will allow you to find items that are on a quick deal that has a time limit. Some of these deals will only be available for an hour while others will be available only for a day. Scrolling these deals by category can help you to find some huge savings on items you already have to buy! I will go here first when shopping!

Amazon Outlet

The Amazon outlet offers discounted deals on items they have too much of. These deals are not predictable. You can look at it by category or by certain price discrepancies. This will allow you to find items you need without paying more.

On Site Coupons

When shopping, be sure to look at the item you are purchasing. Some will have a box you can click for a coupon to use instantly on that item. Some vendors will add coupon codes to their product page to help you save a bit more on your products.

Take advantage of deal sites and groups.

There are many groups and daily deal websites that offer you insight into the daily deals offered on a variety of items. Join these groups or follow deal websites to get an idea of what kind of discount you can find on items you need or didn’t know you needed! These sites will have access to coupon codes and find deals you weren’t looking for.
**Important note – Some of these deals will look too good to be true. This is because they are. You are welcome to try using a coupon code on these deals as long as you understand that your order may be cancelled.

Buy Refurbished

Amazon has a large selection of refurbished items you can purchase. These items will be from a variety of topics including computers, office supplies, and even lawn/garden products!

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