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Volcano Project and Resources

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Volcano projects and resources are perfect for a self-led unit study! This year I have let my daughter do interest-led Science. She has the ability to learn whatever she wants as long as she is able to prove to me that she is really learning.

For her first pick, she chose volcanoes. Below are some of the great things she did for her volcano project, a free printable, and a list of great resources for you to work on volcanoes with your kids. These are very simple and fun to work with.

Free Volcano Printable Pack and over 10 volcano lesson plan ideas for teaching about volcanoes. Perfect for a volcano science fair project. #printable #freeprintable #unitstudy #lessonplan #homeschool #homeschooling #education #edchat #volcano #Science #stem

Free Volcano Printables and More!

R really enjoyed this lesson. She spent a lot of time learning about volcanoes. I may have even shown her the Pompeii episode of Doctor Who just for fun. (Check out these free printable Pompeii worksheets!)

She made the volcano below and you can find out how to make it as part of the printable pack mentioned below the image. If you want to have a bit of messy fun try a mentos and diet coke volcano science project.

You could also try a salt dough volcano project for a different approach to a volcano.

Volcano Project - #printable #freeprintable #unitstudy #lessonplan #homeschool #homeschooling #education #edchat #volcano #Science #stem

I put together a printable pack for my daughter to work through and I am glad to share it with you for free.

Volcano Printable lesson pack

Items in the printable pack (Linked at bottom of post) include: 

  • Parts of the volcano
  • True of False volcano questions
  • Common words to define
  • Volcano Q&A for essay prep
  • How to make a volcano and Q&A

Volcano Resources 

3D Geography

“Movements in the earth’s crust can cause both volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

To help you understand the processes involved, we have collected a range of volcano terms with their definitions, volcano diagrams, volcano images and more to help with your learning about the geography topic of volcanoes. Scroll down to find out more.”

Carolina Volcano Resource List

This site has a variety of volcano learning materials available for teaching more about volcanoes. 

This was focused on teaching about volcanoes in the classroom but could be adapted to home learning if needed.

This site has a great set of volcano lesson plans you can use for free to teach more about volcanoes.

You can easily adapt these resources to build your own volcano unit study.

National Geographic Volcano Resource Library

This is a variety of resources provided by National Geographic. These would make great source data for a volcano paper as part of a volcano unit study.

Ocean Floor Volcanoes

This site has information specific to ocean floor-related volcanoes. “Want to climb the tallest mountain on Earth from its base to its peak?

First, you will need to get into a deep ocean submersible and dive almost 4 miles under the surface of the Pacific Ocean to the sea floor.”

Open Educational Resources Volcano Resource Library

This site has a variety of resources for teaching and learning about volcanoes. 

This includes a variety of lesson ideas and grade level specific assignments.

PBS Learning Media

This site is packed with interactive components and video to help you teach about volcanoes.


This site is packed with games, resources, and information for you to use to teach about volcanoes.


This site is packed with some great Volcano research. There are also postcards from Scientists studying volcanoes.

Volcano Teacher Materials

This site offers a variety of teaching resources for learning more about volcanoes. 

Volcano Printables

Volcano Coloring Pages from Best Coloring Pages for Kids

“Natural calamities like tornados and floods are some of the most popular subjects for children’s coloring pages as they can teach small kids about the natural forces while letting them have lots of fun with colors.

Volcanic eruptions are one such coloring sheet subject often searched for by parents all over the world. The volcano coloring pages are available in a wide range of varieties, suitable for kids from different age groups. ”

Color by Number Volcano Sheet from My Teaching Station

“Printable color by number volcano coloring page. Perfect for preschoolers to help them develop eye-hand coordination, practice their colors and learn to follow directions.”

Dot stick Volcano Page from The Measured Mom

Use Stickers or a dot marker to use these preschool volcano printables!

Free Volcano worksheets from 3D Geography

This website includes a volcano world map, inside the earth diagram, volcano diagram, volcano model, plate boundaries, volcano eruption worksheets, volcano glossary, volcano crossword, and volcano word searches!

These printables would make great supplements!

Multiple Printables from ABC Teach

This site features know, want to know, and learned about volcanoes, volcano coloring pages, volcano acrostics, volcano quizzes, volcano comprehension worksheets, volcano research sheets, word searches, and a volcano interactive notebook.

Parts of a Volcano from School of Dragons

“Did you know, the different parts of a volcano usually come into existence when the volcano erupts? Yes it’s true.

Test your knowledge about volcanoes and their parts with this fun printable science worksheet for 3rd grade scientists.”

Volcano Coloring Pages from Mom Junction

Volcano Notebooking Journal from Homeschool Giveaways

“This free historic volcanoes notebooking research journal can help you feed your children’s imagination and get them digging into history at the same time. 

Your kids can go back in time and around the world to explore historic volcanic eruptions.”

Volcano Project Ideas and Volcano Teaching Ideas

Apple Volcanoes from Frogs and Snails and Puppydog Tails

Apple Volcanoes from Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

“Today I am sharing a classic science experiment with a twist.  Apple Volcanoes are easy to set up and a ton of fun for the entire family!”

Dinosaur Sensory Bin from Raising Whasians

Fun Kids Activity and Snack in one! Make this adorable Dinosaur Sensory Bin with Edible Volcano for your next playdate.

Erupting Slime Volcano from Steamsational

“Today, we thought we’d mix science and slime and make this slime-a-fied version of the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano science experiment for kids, making a slime volcano!

Ice Volcanoes from Reading Confetti

“If you’re looking for a mess-free activity for kids that’s quick to set up, ice volcanoes are probably not for you. BUT if you’re looking for some fun, messy science that your kids will LOVE, this activity is a good one.

All you need for this play recipe is baking soda, water, vinegar, and food coloring. The supplies you need for making ice volcanoes are small bowls, balls that will sink, plastic wrap, and some room in the freezer.”

Look Inside a Volcano from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

“Take building a classic volcano experiments for kids to whole new level with this volcano science project where your kids can actually see what happens INSIDE the volcano during an erruption! 

This volcano project ideas is perfect for preschool, pre-k,  kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students. Plus this homemade volcano is super EASY to make!”

Make your own Lava Slime from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

“This is an “out of the box” slime recipe idea for you! PERFECT for mad science parties, dinosaur parties (think volcanoes!), Minecraft parties, or just plain sensory fun! Once the colors are mixed they form a new salmon-ish shade that still makes for some great lava slime messy play.”

Ice Volcanoes from Reading Confetti

Mini Pumpkin Volcanoes from Little Bins for Little Hands

“This season marks three years ago that we tried an awesome pumpkin volcano science experiment! Baking soda makes for one of the best and easiest science experiments for the beginner or young scientist!

You can build so many themes around this basic science activity. This season we are making a mini volcano from mini pumpkins!”

Snow Volcanoes from Science Sparks

“We gathered up the last remaining bits of snow this afternoon to make a Baking Soda Volcano using snow!

I piled up a heap of snow around a small glass jar, making the top of the snow level with the top of the jar, added the ingredients for the baking soda and vinegar reaction and stood back to watch the snow volcano erupt!”

Volcano Eruption Painting from Happy to Shelf

Since we were on a volcano learning unit, I added a volcano twist to this classic activity! We have done Ziploc bag painting before, but the volcanos added a new level of fun for my 3yo and 6yo.

They were so thrilled to create their volcano eruptions in the bags!

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  1. Great ideas. My son is fascinated with Pompeii. Loved the Dr. Who episode! What great fun memories to have together. Thanks for sharing with #WhatToReadWednesday.

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