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Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition | Titanic Experience Orlando

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Ever since I moved to Orlando, I have wanted to visit Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. I have always found it interesting to learn about the history of the Titanic. I have heard that the Titanic Experience Orlando has to offer is one of the best. When they contacted me and asked us to come out, I was so excited. Let me share some things you should definitely know about the exhibit.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition - Titanic experience Orlando. - Have you been considering a trip to the Titanic experience in Orlando? Don't miss these tips, Titanic photos, and Titanic videos from the attraction!

Visiting Titanic Experience Orlando

We received 4 tickets to the attraction to facilitate this review. All opinions in this piece are 100% my own.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

What happens when I first get to the Titanic Experience?

After you purchase your tickets you will be given a boarding pass. This boarding pass goes with a real person who was on the Titanic. Hold on to this card and get to know your person and how they fit in with the passengers and crew. You will have a chance to find out at the end whether your person survived. Take is with you as you enjoy all the exhibition features.

Can I bring my phone or camera to the Titanic Experience?

While you will see pictures and video of the experience in this post, phones, and cameras are not allowed, Flash photography can damage the artifacts. For the safety of the exhibition, it is required that you do not bring this gear.

Are there any items from the actual Titanic ship in the exhibition?

You will find a variety of pieces from the ship as well as larger items. There will also be items there that were either from the correct time period or from one of the sister ships. Speak with the people there before going in to find out which is which. These items are from the wreck site of the ocean liner we lost on that fateful night.

You can also see a piece of the hull of the Titanic at this location. We learned a great deal about the history of this piece that you can see in the YouTube video below. Our guide told us that the ovals you see on the hull were circles. Because of the stress the Titanic underwent, they stretched and became ovals.

Are there only artifacts in glass cases?

Rooms like the one above are shown to give you more of the context. It really does feel like you’ve stepped into the past and boarded the Titanic. You won’t want to miss the deck of the ship or the boiler room as both were amazing!

Are there any hands-on components at the Titanic Experience?

Because of the nature of the exhibition, most of the items you will see are not meant to be touched. There are a few small exceptions to this rule. Children can tap out the Morse code, feel a large piece of ice to understand the temperatures that night, and even touch a small piece of the actual ship.

Can children go to the Titanic experience?

Children can go to the exhibition. If you have been working on a Titanic lesson they may find it very interesting. However, it is very important to keep in mind the nature of experience. It is a very quiet and sometimes somber location. Smaller children may not understand the gravity of where they are or might lose interest quickly since there are not interactive components focused on them.

This is where you can bring along a great printable or give them things to be looking for in each room. There are a few rooms and hallways that are a bit darker. This could bother younger children but mine were fine with it.

Can I walk on the grand staircase at the Titanic experience?

The grand staircase is roped off. The only way you will be able to walk on it is if you do the paid photograph that will be offered to you here. If you are set on going on the staircase, I suggest planning to pay a bit extra for the photograph.

What amazed you most about the experience?

For me, the most jaw-dropping and intriguing part of the experience was the list pictured above. There are 4 of these filled with the names of everyone who lived or died on the Titanic. It is one thing to see numbers on the paper. It is a completely different thing to be confronted by a wall of names as large as this one was.

Make sure to read the placards.

My son saw this towel and asked me if there were Nazis on the ship. Upon reading the placard next to it, we were able to find out that the symbol was once a sign of good luck. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the people that boarded this ship and how their lives were impacted by that choice.

Where can I buy tickets to the Titanic Experience in Orlando?

There are regular and group prices to be found on this website

Where is the Titanic Experience?

7324 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

The experience is extremely close to Universal Orlando and would be the perfect addition to your trip.

See our video from the Titanic Experience

Looking for Titanic resources before you visit?

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  1. I would love to visit this place because we have never been there. It sounds like a great place to learn about the Titanic. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

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