Summer Multiplication Facts Printable Pack
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Summer Multiplication Printable Pack

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Summer is flying by and with Summer comes the need to practice before starting a new school year. If you have a child who is working on their multiplication facts this year you won’t want to miss this summer multiplication printable pack. I have included facts for one through ten. Make sure to laminate these. You will want to use them over and over. Laminating them keeps you from reprinting.

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Multiplication Printable Pack

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5 Ways to Teach Multiplication Facts During Summer Break

Are you using the Summer break to work on math facts? Working on multiplication facts doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are some simple ways to practice while having fun. 

Take advantage of songs

There are many multiplication and skip counting songs on YouTube to help with number sense. We are big fans of Mr. Demaio and his multiplication songs. He does a great job of making it fun. Add in multiplication songs that can be played in car rides or in the house during the summer months. 


Play math fact games

Whether playing math fact bingo, multiplication matching, or other math fact games, you are sure to help cement these skills. Take some time to look into different math fact games to help work on these skills. 

Have a skip counting challenge

When working on skip counting or math facts, randomly challenge your kids to work on them. The challenge can be to add one more fact on, learn just one more fact than they previously knew, or just outperforming their previous skills. Having a skip counting or math fact challenge can be a fun way to practice. 

Do math facts in a different way

Using things like legos, playdough, or linking blocks to build math facts can be a fun way to practice math facts. For some children, the hands-on learning component can help them to better remember these facts. For some variations, write the math facts in shaving cream or flour for a different sensory experience. 

Play online math games 

There are many online math game sites that will help your child practice. We are big fans of prodigy math games as they are helpful. However, you could also use a free math facts drilling game to help practice doing math facts quickly. 

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Multiplication Printable Pack - Work on multiplication facts over the summer with this great free printable pack.

All Clip art was purchased and used from AMB Illustrations and Pretty Grafik Design

Still struggling with Multiplication?
I am a HUGE advocate of Times Tales to teach multiplication. Work on this video with your children daily for a few weeks and they are sure to improve considerably.

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