Summer Math Fun Ideas - #summerlearning #math #homeschool #education #learning #edchat

Summer Math Fun Ideas

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Summer is one of the times when children can choose to avoid Math work at all costs. In fact, most kids use their time in the Summer for things they can have more fun with. As moms, it can be hard to ask our kids to sit down and do the math. Instead, we want to find ways for them to learn what they need to while having fun. I have put together some Summer math fun ideas to help you make the most of Summer learning.

Summer Math Fun Ideas - #summerlearning #math #homeschool #education #learning #edchat

Summer Math Fun Ideas

I know that some of you homeschool year round. Don’t worry. Some of these ideas can still work as a great supplement to things you are already working on. I know that we are working on school through the Summer and will be using some of these ideas.


Sidewalk Chalk

If you want to have fun working with math skills, try doing skip counting hopscotch or working math problems in sidewalk chalk they can wash away.

Water Balloons

Have fun with water in the Summer heat. Simply write the math problem on the water balloon. For every problem they solve, they get to add one of their bucket. When you are done, have a water balloon fight with them. It’s a great way to have fun with math while laughing together.

Squirt Guns

Write answers to multiple math problems whether they are addition, subtraction, or multiplication on a whiteboard in dry erase board. Shout out each problem you want your child to solve. Have them use their water gun to shoot the answer on the board.

Jump Rope

Make up a fun skip counting song to work on skip counting during jump roping. This could be while a child is jumping rope on their own or if you have multiple kids, you could have two kids turn the rope while the other jumps.

Math Beach Ball

Write your math facts on a beach ball in sharpie. Play a game of catch. Wherever the thumbs land when a player catches the ball, is the math problem they have to solve. You can add a little extra fun to it by playing it hot potato style and having to solve problems quickly.

Take it to the Kitchen

Put some of the fun into your Summer math by baking together. They can work on simple measurements, addition, converting fractions, and much more. Get in the kitchen and bake some cookies to take to the fire station for firefighters or bake a loaf of bread together.


Math fact Tic Tac Toe

Cut up 2 colors of pool noodle. Draw out a tic tac toe board. For every math fact your kids get right, they get a piece to play. You could easily play multiple rounds of this while working on different math skills. Raining outside? Do a masking tape tic tac toe board in the house.

Equivalent Fractions Project

Using icing and graham crackers you can show different fractions and find out whether they are equal or not. For instance, the one above is 1/2 on the left and 2/4 on the right. They are equal. Remove one of the fourths and it is not equal. This is a great visual if you have a child struggling with fractions.

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