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Stranger Things Watch Party

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My daughter has been asking to spend an entire day with her best friend watching Stranger Things. With her birthday passing, we decided to have a Stranger Things watch party for them. Many of these ideas are simple but so fun! It’s time to make a supply run and set up your own Stranger Things watch party. 

Stranger Things Watch Party - Are you planning a Stranger Things watch party? Don't miss these fun Stranger Things snacks and watch party ideas!

Stranger Things Party Ideas

You can change sizes and portions to accommodate your party size. We had a smaller crowd but we had a lot of fun. 

Stranger Things Upside Down Dessert


  • Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Magic Shell Chocolate Fudge
  • Glass cups
  • Strawberry syrup
  • Decorating candy or m&m’s 
  • Cake writing pens

Dessert Directions

  • Start with a layer of chocolate ice cream. 
  • Add a layer of strawberry syrup. 
  • Add a layer of chocolate magic shell. 
  • Add a layer of chocolate cake. 
  • Top with vanilla icing. 
  • Use your pen to draw crooked lines. 
  • Add your candy Christmas lights. 

Making the snack mix

You will need Hershey’s snack mix and popcorn. 
Simply mix these two together in a bowl. 

Decorating your snack table

You will need Eggos, pudding cups, 3 musketeers, snack mix, a demogorgon pop, coke floats, crime scene tape, black table covers, black terricloth, and your desserts from above. 

See the video of all of the setup for this watch party. 

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