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Soybean Lesson Ideas

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Soybean lesson ideas can be a big help if you have a child who wants to learn more about where their food comes from. In fact, soybeans are an incredible crop that a lot of farmers do a great job growing. Understanding soybeans is understanding an important part of the food chain. Soybeans are used in a variety of foods we eat as well as products you might not even expect! I have put together a list of resources and tips for teaching about soybeans. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for a free soybean printable pack.

**This post was sponsored by: Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Soybean Commission as part of the Farm Food Tour. All opinions shared are my own.

Soybean Resource List

Once Upon A Soybean – This video is a good at a glance view of where soybeans are from, how they found their way to the U.S., and what items you can find soybeans in. This would be a great place to start when researching soybeans as part of the printables I have at the bottom of this post.

Pod to Plate Soybean Video – This video is a book read aloud of the Pod to Plate book. You can also find the ebook here. This is a good overview of soybeans for kids.

Pod to Plate Lesson Plans and Printables – The Pod to Plate book has a variety of lesson plans found on their website to help your children better learn about soybeans. Even better, the lessons are broken down by grade level to help you put together a unit study that works for each child.

Growing Soybeans – Let your children try to grow soybeans with these simple steps. Great activity for kids to get a hands-on understanding of how soybeans grow.

Soybean Savvy – This video is for earlier elementary and focuses on the history and usage of soybeans. This would make a great partner to a variety of the printables listed in this post as well as the ones I have at the bottom of this post.

The Simple Soybean – This has lessons and information for children of different levels to learn more about soybeans.

Soybean Lesson Printables from other Sites

Life Cycle of a Soybean – This printable from the Kansas Soybean Commission gives students a chance to label each part of the life cycle of a soybean and includes a few bonus questions. Find the answer key here.

Soyfoods word search – This soyfoods word search is a great add-on to any unit focused on what foods contain soybeans.

Soybean Word Scramble – This word scramble focuses on the different soy foods you can find. Unscramble the words as part of a fun unit study.

Soybeans and Livestock – This fill in the blank soybean worksheet from the Kansas Soybean Commission gives students the chance to use what they’ve learned about soybeans and fill in the blanks. Find the answer key here.

Soybeans, Food, Feed, and Fuel Worksheet – This worksheet will share some great true/false questions for child who are working to get a better understanding of soybeans.

Meet the Bean Printable Packs – Meet the Bean has a variety of printables and resources to aid in your soybean unit study.

Soybean Science Challenge Lesson Plans – This soybean science challenge site has a variety of lesson plans to be used in a classroom setting. These can be adjusted to better fit homeschooling.

Soy Sensation Lesson Plan – This printable pack includes a variety of science experiments that can be used for teaching about soybeans.

The Science of Soy – This resource guide is packed with experiments, information, and so much more! This pack is full of resources and information that will definitely help with any soybean lessons you have planned.

Soybean Science – Living Necklace, Printables, slideshows and so much more focused on soybeans and the science behind them.

Soybean Images and Explanations to Use for unit studies.

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Why are soybeans important

Soybeans are used for animal feed, human food products, oil, and a variety of non-food items. Soybeans are an important crop in the life cycle of a farmer as they will help to keep animals fed and the profits from the field can help pay for other parts of the farm.

Can I teach about soy in the classroom or as a homeschooler?

Learning about soy and soybeans is important for those who want a better understanding of where their food comes from and why. You can use the resources found in this post to help you better teach about soy production in the U.S.

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