Solar System Printable Pack
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Solar System Printable Pack

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This solar system printable pack is the free solar system printable you didn’t know you needed! The kids and I were working on the solar system as part of our homeschool science unit. It needed a bit more than what it already had. I put together this simple printable as an add-on. My kids have loved the hands-on learning while studying the solar system.

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Free Solar System Printable

What’s included in this solar system printable?

Solar System Printable Pack

Solar System FlashCards

These cards feature the 8 planets with facts about each planet. These can be laminated to be used as flash cards or cut up to be used as a fact matching game!

Solar System Printable Pack

Planet Match game

Using the printable flashcards you can cut up the different components and have the child work to match the planet to the name or the facts that belong to it. I suggest laminating these so they will last longer.

Art and Creative Writing Prompts

These prompts share a few facts about what it is like on the planet and ask the child to either draw or explain what life might look like there and what it would take to live there.

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  1. Hi, this looks really neat, thank you for sharing! I have subscribed and am currently trying to download the pack from your site, however it appears there are issues with the check out page. Is there a solution to this by any chance?

    Thanks again!

    1. I apologize for the inconvenience. I just spent some time working behind the scenes and I sent an e-mail with the fix. I am so sorry you had to wait. Please enjoy your printable and e-mail me if you have any additional problems.

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