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Should Kids Go To The Theatre

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Should kids go to the theatre? Visiting the theatre is a time-honored tradition that seems to be fading. In fact, when we went to a recent showing of Jesus Christ Superstar, we noticed that there were hardly any young people in attendance. Adults filed into seats and sat down to enjoy an incredible production and I couldn’t help but wish everyone could see it through their children’s eyes as well! There’s something so magical about seeing stage shows through the awe-filled eyes of your children!

Why should kids go to the theatre?

I may be biased because I have a long love of the theatre. There’s something about sitting down for a performance that you know took countless hours of practice to bring about. Even moreso, there’s a certain beauty in experiencing a variety of emotions and stories in a completely new way! Some of my most amazing moments have been in the theatre! It’s no surprise that I think kids should grow up experiencing theatre, but let me share why.

Theatre introduces kids to a variety of the arts!

When kids go to the theatre kids are able to experience dance, acting, singing, opera, and so much more! Depending on the performance they go to, they can really experience so much of what the world has to offer! Dance styles from different cultures, music styles from throughout the generations, and acting that will transport them into the show are some of the things they can experience. Before reaching adulthood, every child should have at least one experience with the theatre.

The company of the North American Tour of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. Photo by Matthew Murphy, Evan Zimmerman – MurphyMade

Theatre introduces kids to new ideas!

When kids go to the theatre, kids have the opportunity to step into the shoes of another person and live a new experience. This can mean that for a few hours they are a phantom haunting an opera house, a cat in a back alley, or experiencing history coming to life with Hamilton and Six. Spending time in the theatre allows you to expose them to new ideas in a format that can fully immerse them. They are able to experience a new perspective in a way that is sure to capture their attention!

Theatre can be a great conversation starter!

Before going to Jesus Christ Superstar, we had never seen the show. My daughter watched enthralled by the experience. However, on the drive home, she asked a multitude of questions. She wanted to understand what she had seen, parts of the story she didn’t know about, and more. Spending time at the theatre allows your children to start conversations with you about the show and their experience with it.

Visiting the theatre can encourage kids to join the arts!

Spending time in the theatre can help your child to look at the world in a different way. It can also be the spark that lights a passion for the arts in their life. Spending time watching shows in the theatre might be the motivation your child needs to try dance or acting classes. These activities can be an amazing way for kids to find a way to invest their time into something special.

Theatre is a welcoming community!

One of the most welcoming community you will every encounter is the theatre. People from every walk of life, back story, and so much more come together to share experiences. There is something about bringing your views of the world into a room filled with people who cheer for the victories and cry at the defeats. You will find that your children will come away from this experience a better person! I can’t recommend theatre enough for kids!

What shows should you start with?

Going to the theatre for the first time can be overwhelming for some. There are so many shows out there and it can be hard to find the right fit. I highly recommend playing some of the soundtracks from Spotify. This let you familiarize your children with the shows and see what really speaks to them. I highly recommend starting with a show that already resonates with them as their first experience of theater.

What theatre should you start with?

When visiting the theatre, it can help to start with a community theatre that puts on a juniors version of a show. However, for their first real big theatre experience, find a quality theatre in your city. In the Orlando area, I highly recommend Dr. Phillips Center for the Arts! The venue is incredible and then performances they put on are always top notch!

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