Scienec Gift Ideas for Kids - 7 Great Gifts for a Kid who loves Science!
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Science Gifts for Kids

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Christmas is just around the corner. While your child may love Science more than The Doctor loves the T.A.R.D.I.S., it may not be your cup of tea. With that in mind, I have created a cheat for you. Here are 7 Great Gifts for a Kid who loves Science. These vary in price to give you many different options.

Science Gift Ideas for Kids - 7 Great Gifts for a Kid who loves Science!

Science Gift Ideas

Environmental Science Kits/Projects 

These are great for children who want to learn more about being more green or what it would take to get clean water to those without it. Help your child answer their questions while having a great time. Below are a few ideas.

4M Clean Water Science – Clean Water has become a huge stem concept many students are learning about. In fact, it’s become a world wide initiative as of late. With that in mind, letting kids learn more about clean water and what it takes to get clean water is so timely! With a kit like this one you can have your child working the science behind clean water while understanding why it matters.

Green Science Windmill Generator by Toysmith

Alternative power sources are always helpful for future generations. While most kids can’t go to a wind farm, they can learn more about how wind applies to energy with this fun windmill generator kit!

4M Enviro Battery

Do you want to give a young scientist a fun way to learn about alternative energy sources? This 4m Enviro Battery gives kids the chance to spend some time with different energy sources learning how well they power the included item.

Ant Farm

It’s Alive!

Don’t ask why but children love to watch things that are alive. They can watch ants work or butterflies emerge from being transformed. Here are a few great ideas.Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue
Are you looking for a fun way to do an ant farm with kids? This ant farm is set in gel so that kids can see it without all of the dirt. Your young scientist can watch and learn about ants in this fun gift! These kits do not come with the ants but they do include directions to get the ants and a discount for harvester ants.
Insect Lore Butterfly Garden
Watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly is a right of passage for any science lover! Sets like this one give you a safe enclosure to keep your butterflies and tips to take care of them. You will have to either reach out to your local farm store or use the enclosed voucher to get your caterpillars.Grow-A-Frog Kit
Forget dissecting a frog. Let your child watch the life cycle of a frog from start to release with this fun grow a frog kit. It will ship with 2 tadpoles. You can also get your own tadpoles. I will warn you from experience, if you keep these in the house, they will be loud once they leave the tadpole phase!Worm Farm
Is your young scientist done with ant farms and ready for something new? This worm farm will come with the worms and let children watch live worms and study them! Talk about a fun option for younger kids to learn more about worms!Praying Mantis Kit
This praying mantis enclosure would be fantastic for a scientist wanting to study something more than worms or ants. It will not come with you praying mantises. However, there are multiple ways to order them to add to your kit.


My own perfumery


Personal Care

One of the fun things about Science is that your child can still enjoy all the goodness of being a kid. For some kids, it may be fun to mix up their own perfume or design their own spa day.

Perfume Kit
There are kids who want to have a little more fun with their science and mix it with something relevant to fashion and fun. This perfume kit is a fun way for kids to play with some of their favorite smells while learning more about the science of mixtures and smell.

Scientific Explorer Spa Science Kit
This spa kit looks like a really fun way to mix science with a fun day for kids. Not only can you make face masks and bath bombs, but you can also make bath gels, shampoo, and so much more! This would make a really great science gift for a scientist who wants to mix science with a bit of pampering.

Body Gross Out

Gross Science

What is it about nasty stuff that is fun for kids? I really don’t get it but here is a great list of gross you out Science.

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Special Effects Makeup Kit, 7-Activities

What is it about special effects makeup that gets the attention of kids? There is just something about the gross gooey gore of it. This kit lets your kids play with the science of makeup while still having a blast with science!
Disgusting Science Kit
The human body can be gross and this kit is here to help your child learn about all the gross things their body has or does. Talk about a really fun way to let kids mix science with some of the grossest experiments out there!
Sci-Fi Slime Science Kit
If you haven’t made slime with the kids yet, you can let them have a blast learning about slime and playing with the science to perfect their favorite slime creation!
Mine for Gems

Geodes, Crystals, and Gems oh My

The earth has some amazing rocks. Why not let your child explore them with some of these great kits!
Geode Science Kit, Set of 6
Do you have a scientist who wants to learn more about geodes? This kit includes a learning guide as well as some geodes. This could be a great way to let a young scientist have fun learning more about geodes.
Discover with Dr. Cool Mine for Gems Science Kit
Learn more about gems and mining for gems with this kit that includes the opportunity to dig through and find gems that your kids can then identify and learn more about.
Space Age Crystals Growing Kit
Have your kids ever wanted to grow crystals? This kit looks like a great way to learn more about crystals in this crystals growing kit!

OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Electronics, Robots, and Simple Machines

My son is obsessed with building and taking things apart. These are all great items if you have a child like mine.



Microscope Science Gift

Let’s Get Small! 

Another great part of working on Science with kids is that they love to see what can’t be seen. That is what a microscope is such a great gift!

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