Science Field Trip Ideas

13 Fun Science Field Trip Ideas

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 Often when someone mentions a Science field trip the first thing to come to mind is the Science Center. While we LOVE a great Science Center they can get repetitive. Some of the best Science field trips can be found outside of a museum. Here is a list to get you started. Take your kids out and make Science fun so we can have inventors in the future!
13 Fun Science Field Trip Ideas - #Science #Stem #fieldtrip #homeschool #edchat #education

13 Fun Science Field Trip Ideas


College Science Department

Call the school in advance and ask about touring their Science department. Not only will your children see some incredible things, they will also see that Scientists come in all shapes and sizes. There are also some colleges that will have Summer programs that will allow the kids to take classes during the Summer on the campus. They may let you do a tour in advance to be prepared for these classes.

Nature Preserve or Nature Walk

There is something so powerful about seeing an animal in the wild. It will stick with your child long after they leave. You can easily add in some note taking or have them write about it when they get home. Our nature preserve has interactive tours, star gazing experiences, and small homeschool classes. Call in advance to find out what yours might offer.

Fun Science Field Trip Ideas

Animal Rescues

There are many varieties of animal rescues out there. Some will let you tour the facilities for a small fee. Others will let you come volunteer with the pets in exchange for donations. I used to volunteer at a rescue that had lions and tigers and bears, oh my. I learned so much in that time that I will never forget. These will vary based on the animals they have and the age of your child. This is also a good way for your child to learn about the importance of having the right kinds of pets and keeping animals in areas they are meant to live in.

Hospital/Doctor’s Office

If you can get a hospital to let your child tour the lab or the different testing departments they can truly see Science in action. Think of all the Science that goes into diagnosing one illness. If a hospital is unable to set up this tour due to privacy and safety rules speak with your pediatrician. They may be able to set up a tour of the labs and show your child how the different diagnostic equipment really works.

Veterinarian’s Office

This would be a great field trip to learn more about the Science behind keeping pets well. The Vet may even talk a moment on what it took for them to get to that position and how much Science they had to take to be where they are. If you are able to schedule it in advance the Vet may be willing to let your child spend some time volunteering there. It is worth asking.

Backyard Camp Out

Pitch a tent in the back yard and observe the stars at night with a telescope. There are countless lessons that can be learned from a back yard camp out. Children can learn about nocturnal animals, rotation of the earth, and the moon phases just to name a few.


Ask to tour a local Hackerspace. Hackerspaces are a place where a group of engineers and Scientists share resources to build projects and inventions. This is a great option for the child who loves to take things apart and rebuild them into something new.

Hot Air Balloon Rides 

Not only is this a fun trip to go on if you aren’t afraid of heights, it’s a great way to teach about gases, gravity, and many other great Scientific principles. These can be booked in a variety of different areas. I know Orlando has many places that offer hot air balloon rides.

Fun Science Field Trip Ideas


Taking your children into a cave can teach them so much. We took our children in Georgia. We learned about how sound travels, mining, and about a bat the size of my finger that hibernates in caves. Don’t be afraid to head below ground with the kids and learn a bit more about some of the these that can’t be seen from up above.


The beach is not only a great place to have some summer fun it is also a great place to learn about tides, water wild life, and the effects of people on an environment. While at the beach this summer take some time to talk about some of these things. It could take minutes but teach a lifelong lesson.

Hydroponic Gardens

Many homeless shelters are starting to implement hydroponic gardens. Visit one to learn about sustainable food in less space.

Start a Science Group

Find a group of people who also love Science and create a group. Meet as frequently as you are comfortable with and do different Science projects/activities.

Food Manufacturing Plant

There is a lot of Science involved in the process of making food. When we visited The World of Coca-Cola we learned a lot about their formulas and cleanliness processes. There are factories all over the country. Call and ask if they offer a tour that your homeschooler would benefit from. You might find that they have just what you need.

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  1. Great list of field trips! If you don't mind me saying, I've set up science-based programs and field trips with my Extension Office.

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