8 Science Experiment Ingredients to have on Hand and a great collection of Science Experiments to try with your kids.
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Science Experiment Ingredients to have on Hand

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We are huge fans of Science experiments around here. We love to try many different things and see just what will happen. Even more, the kids want the why behind it. If you have a Science minded child there are certain Science experiment ingredients to have on hand. These will make it so that you can have fun with learning without worrying about a trip to the store.

8 Science Experiment Ingredients to have on Hand and a great collection of Science Experiments to try with your kids. #homeschool #Stem #Science #scienceExperiment #Homeschooling #education #edchat

Must Have Science Experiment Ingredients

This is not a comprehensive list. If you feel like I skipped something please leave me a comment.


This seems to be the staple of every Science household. You just can’t beat the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda! There are also some fabulous experiments with eggs and so much more. Steve Spangler Science has 5 experiments you can do with vinegar. Check them out.

Baking Soda

I mentioned it above but it is so helpful to have baking soda on hand. Science Sparks has 10 experiments you can do with baking soda. Check them out.


Straws are great for many Science experiments. You can even use them for STEM challenges such as building a bridge or a small house. All for the Boys has 11 activities you can do with straws. Check them out. 

Food Dye

Many great experiments require food dye. I know we used it in our flower experiment. Momma’s Fun World has some really fun ideas that you see. Check them out.

Water Bottles

Water bottles can be used for a huge variety of experiments. Whether it is the day for Mentos and Coke or you are trying to blow up a balloon with vinegar and baking soda, you will want to save a few water bottles. Science Bob can show you how to make a lava lamp. Check it out.


Not only are these great for fine motor skills, they are fabulous for many different solutions you might make. I personally love pipettes for using as a fine motor project with vinegar like Happy Hooligans shares.

Corn Starch

Do you want a great Science project on density? Make sure to keep some corn starch on hand. It would be great to use with the outrageous ooze experiment found on Exploratorium.


I am not a huge fan of using borax in anything kids will be playing in. That said, I love it for growing crystals. You can have so much fun with it if you use it the right way. Dans Le Lakehouse shares a great tutorial to make giant crystals. Check it out.


Are you thinking about doing experiments with electricity? Keep batteries of different sizes on hand. If you are looking for some great experiment ideas Frugal Fun for Boys has ten of them. Check them out.

I am sure there are items that should be on this list that I missed. Leave me a comment and let me know what your must-have Science ingredients are.

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