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Planning for an Emergency – Emergency Binder and a Free Printable

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There are countless reports of families losing everything in fires and natural disasters. Many times this is because the things they needed most were not organized and easy to grab in an emergency. Today I am going to tell you a little about my three favorite things for an emergency and share an emergency binder printable you won’t want to miss. I also highly recommend a Fire Safe in case you aren’t home when disaster hits. 
Planning for an Emergency - #emergency #emergencybinder #organization

Planning for an Emergency – Emergency Binder and a Free Printable

Image Binder

A Binder for Pictures

This may be the photographer in me but the thought of losing all of my pictures brings me pain. I put all of the most important images into an Expandable File Folder. I did not put in all of my pictures. I put in the ones that I knew I couldn’t recover from other sources.

A Binder for School Paperwork and Memories 

As parents, we love to keep some of the amazing work our children do. This binder is for that.
This is also the perfect binder for homeschoolers to put small samples of the work from each grade level. If there is a fire you will want to keep your portfolio so that you prove your child’s accomplishments if asked.

A Binder for All Personal Information

This is the perfect location to keep all of your personal information you won’t want to lose. I even put together a free printable like the picture above for your binder.

Emergency binder printable:
Print your Emergency Notebook Cover Page and Contents Pages.

What does my binder look like?

For my binder I used page protectors to hold each item that was significant to me. This makes it easy to take out a portion when I need it and return it to the book when I am done.

Do you have an emergency binder? What does yours look like? Is there something I am forgetting in mine? Please leave a comment. I would love to hear about it.

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  1. HI! Stopping by via the Central Florida Bloggers FB page.
    I had one of these a LONG time ago.. right when we moved to Florida in 2004!! LOL. It came in quite handy that year. I should try to find that thing, dust it off and re do it!!
    Great site.. I'm a veteran homeschool mom myself. Both my girls were homeschooled all the way through.
    Have a great day!

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