My Shot Hamilton Unit Study Part 3 - Free Printable
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My Shot | Hamilton Unit Study Part 3

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My shot is one of the most popular songs from Hamilton the musical. We recently started a series of unit studies focused on the History behind the popular show Hamilton. My 10 year old asked me to help her understand how things actually happened in History. This week we are focusing on the iconic song “My Shot” from the show. R can pretty much recite every lyric from this song and loves it!

My Shot Hamilton Unit Study Part 3 - Free Printable

Hamilton Song My Shot Unit Study

I know there are some sensitive subjects in the show. There are some I will be addressing and others I will not in these studies. I also know there are curse words in the show. If this is something you do not feel comfortable with, this show will not be appropriate for you. I do plan to address the cursing in future lessons but not in this one. All printables in this lesson will be free of swear words.

Start by listening to the song

You can get the album on Amazon. You can also stream it free with an Amazon Prime membership or on Spotify. To be honest, R knows almost every lyric to this song by heart already but I made her listen to it again to prepare for the unit.


We have been working on safe search practices and doing online research. Because of that, R spent some time researching some of the histories behind this song with the Research Page I put together.

Words to Know

Words to Know

This song is filled with many new words. I challenged R to find the definition and then write it in her own words. This has been a great challenge to practice thinking through what words really mean. Print your Words to Know printable sheet.

Writing Challenge

It is very important to get kids thinking about the context of certain things. I only gave R one writing challenge with this unit because I really wanted her to invest some time. Get your Writing Challenge sheet.


With each unit, I am having R add another portion to her timeline. This time she had a lot of fun adding more detail because it was a shorter period of time.

Comic Strip

When R saw C’s comic strip in his Liberty’s Kids unit study she asked me to add one to this study for her. I decided it would be fun for her to set the scene of the song in her comic strip this time.

Where can I find the printables?

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