Messy Summer Science Projects - #Science #Stem #SummerLearning

Messy Summer Science Projects

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Sicking of hearing “I’m bored” this Summer? Maybe it’s time to let the kids get messy with some Science. These Messy Summer Science projects are a great way to keep kids busy while they have fun learning. I love a good messy science project because it will challenge kids to think while encouraging them to laugh a lot! Pick a few of these to help you bring a smile to your child’s face this week.

Messy Summer Science Projects - #Science #Stem #SummerLearning

Messy Summer Science Projects

I have put together a roundup of ideas lower in this post. However, I wanted to walk you through some tips for making the most of messy summer science projects first.

Take it outside.

It can be easy to get anxious about messes. Lord knows, kids love to wreck the house in the summertime. If you are worried about the house getting messy, head outside for some great messy fun. Make sure whatever supplies you are working with are safe for the environment or work on a tarp. Some chemicals for projects can be harmful if they go into your yard.

8 Science Experiment Ingredients to have on Hand and a great collection of Science Experiments to try with your kids.

Stock up on supplies

It can be easy to send the kids out for messy science fun if you already have some of the key ingredients on hand. You can either buy enough for the project you are planning or buy a few core supplies for multiple projects. I like to make sure we have items like baking soda, vinegar, water balloons, and food dye on hand.

Be realistic about the projects and your schedule

It can be easy to plan out a Pinterest Mom worthy Science project week that would make every other mom question themselves. That said, it may not be practical. Instead, look at what you can realistically commit too or what you can let the kids explore on their own. It may be time to try focusing on what is plausible for your family.

Pick self-led projects

These projects are a great way to get your kids exploring on their own while you can take a few minutes to drink your coffee while it is still warm. It can be fun to give them a stem jar or stem kit with science projects they can grab and go. Think of the old concept of the busy bag for younger kids and apply that to science kits for older kids.

Moana Inspired STEM Challenge and free moana activity packPlan for rainy days

Some days it will rain and poor. Instead of letting it ruin the messy fun, find projects thaat could easily be accomplished in the house. We had a blast with our Moana stem project recently. There are quite a few great projects that can get your kids creating and building without ruining the house. I recommend owl pellet dissection as it could keep them busy for a long time.

Find fun ways to record what they learn

Summer is a great time to take a break from formal book work and have fun with learning. You could use comic strip templates to let them draw out the process of their experiment and share what they have learned. You could also try an art journal or let them make a video of their own of the process. Have fun with it!

Messy Summer Science Project Ideas

Color Changing Oobleck from Steam Powered Family

Brain Surgeon from Left Brain Craft Brain

Lava Slime from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Egg Drop Project from Buggy and Buddy

Edible Magic Melting Slime from Down Redbud Drive

Temperature Density Experiment from Schooling a Monkey

Viscosity Races from Science Sparks

Baking Soda Vs Baking Powder an Epic Battle Erupts from Steam Powered Family

Rainbow Melting Ice Experiment from Powerful Mothering

Watermelon Volcano from Little Bins for Little Hands

Water Balloon Science Experiment from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Seed Bombs from Hide the Chocolate

Pendulum Painting from Kids Steam Lab

Make Your Own Fossils from Crafty Classroom

Mentos and Soda Experiment from Family Maven

How to Separate a Mixture from Adventures in Mommydom

Mystery Slime Bags

Baggie Bombs from Stay at Home Science

Color Mixing with Light Refraction from Everything and Nothing

Balloon Boats from Life with Moore Babies

Gravity Painting from Adventures of a Children’s Librarian

Magnetic Ice Science from Little Bins for Little Hands

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  1. Thanks for including my Edible Magic Melting Slime in this list! Can’t wait to try some of these with my kids! I shared this on Pinterest too!

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