Math Sites to help my high schooler with homework
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Math sites to help my high schooler

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I have a middle and high schooler now. The move to upper grades has meant covering topics I’m not always as good at. As a former homeschool mom, I often found ways to facilitate learning. That said, math is NOT my strong suit! I had to find some math sites to help my high schooler and here are a few of our favorites. 

Math Sites to help my high schooler with homework

Free Math Sites for Teens

Mathway math app - Learning site to help high schoolers with math

Mathway App

Mathway app is a must if you have a child in upper-level math! When you get stuck on a concept, you can put the problem in its entirety into the app. The free version will let you get the answer to the problem to see if you are right. If you upgrade to the paid version you can see the explanation of how to solve the problem. At $9.99 a month or $39.99 a year, this is an amazing resource to have! Think of it as a tutor in your pocket. 

This app is definitely how we got through Algebra 1 with the oldest this past year! 

Khan Academy SAT prep website

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy offers classes for a variety of topics and grade levels. This free website will let you find learning tools. We like this site because it can let you see the same material taught in a different way than it might be shared in the classroom. Even better, they have a  full SAT prep program that is free and customized to the person using it! We are actually starting the oldest on this SAT prep program this week. 

Bonus! – This app also includes fun courses like Imagineering in a Box, Personal Finance, and Computer Programming

YayMath math learning video youtube channel

YayMath on YouTube

YayMath is one of my absolute favorite channels on YouTube when it comes to educating math. He does such a great job of explaining concepts so that they are easily understood. It’s like having a math class at home to help work on things my child might be struggling with. Seeing him work out the problems with his classes has been a HUGE help for us as we’ve navigated upper-level math. 

Helpful Tip – The easiest way to use his channel is to navigate to his playlists and find the one that works for what you are struggling with. 

Desmos graphic calculator website

Desmos Graphing Calculator

The Desmos graphing calculator is a must-have if you are working through Algebra 1. This free online calculator will help a great deal with visualizing problems as you are working on them. We used this quite a bit last year. 

Prodigy Math App

Prodigy Math Game 

This game is technically for younger math levels leading up to 8th grade. However, we find that this math game is a good way to practice lower-level skills, fill learning gaps, and add some fun to math. There is a free and paid version of the app available depending on your needs. 


Symbolab is an online math help website to help upper math students find answers and work through each step of the problem.


Photomath is similar to other math help websites that will allow students to input problems and get answers as well as the steps to solve the math problem.

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