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How to Teach Sight Words | Free Sight Word Printable Pack

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I am a huge fan of teaching my kids phonics but there are some words that just don’t make sense phonetically to a five-year-old. I put together this really fun sight word printable to use to reinforce the sight words with my son and I have made them available to you as well. I also wanted to help with some tips on how to teach sight words. I hope this can help you make the most of your sight word lessons. 

Free Spring SIght Word Printable Pack - Great printable flashcards to work on sight words in your homeschool - #homeschool #printable #freeprintable #sightwords #learning #teach #edchat #education

Sight Word Printable Pack

Sight Word Bingo 

Sight word bingo can be a fun way to work on sight words. Either use the printables included in this post or create your own set of cards and bingo sheets to play a fun game of sight word bingo. With practice, your child will not only get strong with their sight words, but they will also have fun doing it. 

Sight Word Matching Game

A sight word matching game can be a fun way to practice word recognition in a low-pressure environment. You can add as many or as few as your child can handle. We started with eight words and then worked our way up to more as they got stronger with recognition and memory skills. I recommend laminating them to get more life out of them. (Check out my favorite laminator)

Sight Word Building Race 

We laminated each of the sight word matching game cards in the printable pack. Then we had a race between two of the boys at the co-op to see who could build each word faster with play dough. Building words with play dough adds a kinetic component that helps with memory. You don’t have to do it as a race though. Take some time to have your child build each word with playdough to give them a different way to practice recognizing the words. 

Sight Word Tracing 

Sometimes tracing a sight word can help a child to connect to it. If you laminate the sight words you can have them trace them in dry erase marker and then wipe it off when done. This is a great low-pressure way to work on writing skills and sight word memorization. 

Spring Sight Word Printable Pack

Spring Sight Word Printable Pack - 4 fun sight word games for children - Great way to work on sight words with kids in this free printable pack
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When I started homeschooling I made the mistake of thinking sight words weren’t necessary. Then my kids got older and we had to go back work on these sight words again. This is a really fun way to do the work on sight words while kids are younger and more ready to engage with a fun worksheet or game. I recommend laminating any of the parts you plan to keep and reuse multiple times as it will prolong the life of your printable.

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  1. Great idea. I have been doing boring flash cards:-) I know the girls have done well with Bingo learning games before, so I will probably try that one first. Pinning to my homeschool board!

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