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How to set Goals and achieve them & a Free Printable

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January 1st is just around the corner. With the new year coming you might be tempted to start listing your New Years resolutions. This year I am going to lose weight. This year I am going to be better at Science Projects. This year I am going to be more involved in my child’s schooling. This year I am going to manage my finances. The list goes on. There is a problem with these resolutions. They are vague.

Instead of a vague resolution that says I will eventually achieve something set goals. More that just setting goals, look at the steps it will take to achieve them. One of the biggest problems with resolutions is that they are just so big! Resolutions like I will lose weight or I will be more involved in my child’s education don’t give you real steps to accomplish the goal. It is easy to burn out and eventually give up.

What do I do instead? 

If you look at your goals as a step-by-step project it can really help. If I try to run all of these steps at one time I am going to get tired. Here are a few tips to make achieving your goals easier.

  • Set a realistic goal. – Many people fail because they set an unrealistic goal. Things like I am going to do more Science projects with my kid this year or I am going to lost weight don’t have a realistic end date on them. If you change that and say I am going to do 8 Science Projects with my child this year or I am going to lose 20 pounds this year are more realistic.
  • Set smaller goals – Break a goal into small steps and you are more likely to succeed. Small successes fuel big change! It’s ok to start with losing 5 pounds or doing 1 Science project. You will get to your big goal in time but start with a smaller one to give you a boost of confidence. Once you complete the first step the next one gets a little less intimidating.
  • Set realistic deadlines – Don’t tell yourself you will lose 5 pounds by tomorrow or finish a Science project on your busiest day of the week. Instead look at when you could realistically accomplish each step.
  • Write it down. – Hold yourself accountable by taking the time to write out your goals. Hang it somewhere you will have to see it and remember it. I have made the steps above into a free printable you are welcome to use.
  • Share your goals. – Either find someone willing to accomplish goals with you or find someone willing to encourage you when you get discouraged. Achieving goals is only overwhelming if you let it be.
Free printable: 

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