Homeschool Organization for Multiple Children - #homeschool #organizaation

Homeschool Organization for Multiple Children

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As you gear up for a new homeschool year, it can be overwhelming to see all that you have to keep up with. In the More Than a Homeschool Mom Facebook Group one of the moms asked me how we handle homeschool organization for multiple kids to avoid fighting. We had some great conversation but I wanted to take a few minutes more to talk about this subject here. It can be so great to discuss these things more and find fun ways to keep things organized.

Homeschool Organization for Multiple Children - #homeschool #organizaation

Homeschool Organization for Multiple Children

I will try to answer a few of the questions I am often asked and try to offer solutions and resources in hopes that it will help you.

Sealable containers 

With little ones crawling around, it can be hard to keep things out of little hands and little mouths. Pick up containers that can seal for book work and supplies. Items like crayons and pencils are better stored in containers like this where little hands can’t get into them.

Cookie Sheets

Cookies sheets are a great option for letting a child work on a project without having items all over the place. It makes clean up easy, gives you a single area to work, and helps to be able to put things away to work on again at a later time if needed.

Rolling Organizer Cart

When you are homeschooling multiple children, having clearly defined storage containers will help keep things organized. Carts like the one above are perfect for separating supplies, school work, and craft items. It also helps that the cart can be rolled into a closet when it is not time for school to cut down on clutter.

Classroom Caddies 

Caddies like the one pictured above are a great way to separate out the different supplies for each child. It helps you to avoid fighting as you can get a caddy for each child or separate each portion out for each child.

Trapper Keeper

Trapper keepers are a great way to give each child their own supplies and their own space in order to prevent disagreements. We’ve used these in the past as a way to keep the kids from squabbling over pencils and crayons.

Storage Bins 

Bins like the ones above are a great option to add names to and separate items by child. I recommend labeling the boxes with the name of the child to avoid conflicts.

Dry Erase Lap Boards

Dry erase lap boards are a great way to avoid bickering and let each child handle their own work. They are great for scratch work and for working out different concepts with you as they are learning. You can even add their names in permanent marker to personalize them.

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