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Gifts for book lovers aren’t always easy to pick! It can be hard to find a book they haven’t read or they will actually enjoy. Shopping for bookish people isn’t always easy. I have put together a large list of gift ideas for book lovers to help you out! I love to read and an amazing weekend for me involves a good book with no distractions. Here are a few of the best gifts for book lovers!

Cool Gift Ideas for Gifts for Book Lovers

Cool Gift Ideas for Gifts for Book Lovers 

Book Covers and Protectors

Publishers can quickly drive book collectors insane. Do you want to know how? They release new editions of a book series with a completely different cover. This can mean the series just doesn’t look right on the shelf. One of the best gifts you can give is a custom book cover that offers a consistent look. This simple gift can be the perfect option if you are purchasing a matching set for the readers in your life.

Custom Book Jacket - Gifts for Book Lovers

Custom Book Jackets 

Custom book jackets are designed to look good on the bookshelf. They add a special level of personalization to displaying your favorite books. You can find custom book jackets on Amazon, Etsy, and Instagram. Prices will vary depending on how customized they are and who creates them. 

Book Sleeves

There are a variety of book sleeves on the market that will make great gifts for book lovers. Some are small pouches books can go into when on the go. Others are more of a fabric dusk jacket that is custom-fitted to that specific book. Book sleeves can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and Instagram. Prices will vary depending on the design you choose. 

Bookmarks and Placeholders

Bookmarks and placeholders for their favorite books can be great as an addition to a book gift basket or when gifting kindle books as a physical memento. It can help to make sure they are customized to the interest of the person you are gifting them to. For instance, Land of Stories bookmarks would be great for a fan of the series. Find out their favorite books and buy bookmarks and placeholders that match their interests.


Bookmarks can be a great gift for the bookish person in your life BUT there are some rules when it comes to buying bookmarks. Do not buy metal bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, or bookmarks that clip onto pages. When picking out bookmarks and placeholders, look at options that are not likely to damage the pages. 

Page Holders

Page holders are able to hold a page for you so that you can focus on reading. There are a variety of page holders. Make sure to pick ones that won’t tear pages or put too much pressure on pages. 



Bookends can be a perfect gift for the book collector in your life. Even better, there are tons of options on the market. Sites like Amazon, Instagram, and Etsy have different versions you can purchase. Find bookends that fit their decor or fit their favorite book series for an added personal touch. 

Bookish Scents

Did you know that book lovers can enjoy candles and essential oils inspired by their favorite books? It can seem like something bizarre to those who don’t live for reading. However, imagine if you will a warm bubble bath reading a favorite book while smelling the smells associated with that story. The immersive experience is something many book lovers would love. It could also be part of a book gift box ideas you might have!

Book Candles 

Book scented candles are a huge trend. There are many types of book candles on the market. Some are themed to the smell of a new or old book. Others are themed to specific parts of a book or story. You can even find candles inspired by certain characters. 

Book Inspired Essential Oils

Book scents from essential oils are a great alternative to candles for book scents. If you are buying for a person who isn’t a fan of candles, book inspired essential oils can be just the thing! You can find a large variety of oils on Etsy. 

Comfort Items

Readers love to cuddle up in a variety of locations to enjoy a good book. Finding some good quality comfort items to cuddle up with can be a brilliant gift idea for the bookish person in your life. Check out a few of the comfort gifts for book lovers below.

Throw Blankets

Having a warm comfortable blanket can be the perfect companion to a good book. Pick out a blanket your favorite reader is going to love to cuddle up with. You can theme it around the book or just pick out a really nice blanket they are sure to use as a comfort item while reading. 

Coffee and Tea

Sitting down with a good book can be even better with a delicious coffee or a favorite hot tea. If you are looking to give a gift to a reader, pick out a good coffee blend or tea that they are sure to enjoy while enjoying a good book. Etsy even has a collection of bookish tea you could gift based on their favorite book series!

Warm Socks

Warm socks are another fabulous companion gift for books or as a gift to a book lover. There’s something about a warm comfy pair of socks when enjoying a good book. Add a special theme to it by picking socks inspired by the book they love. 

Book personalization tools

There is something so important about making a book a bit more personal. When thinking of a gift for a reader, it might be time to help them personalize their own book. Think of it as helping them to secure their own little library. Book embosser and stamps help avid readers to claim their books and know it belongs to them. It really is a great gift idea!

Book Embosser 

A book embosser will let the reader in your life emboss their books with a statement such as “from the library of Jenna” or “This book belongs to Julie.” This personal touch can let the book lover in your home feel like they have added their own touch to their favorite books. 

Book Stamp

Book stamps give book lovers the ability to stamp their favorite books with a statement of ownership. This is a great way to help someone ho borrows a book to remember who they borrowed it from so that it can be easily returned. 

Book Themed Items

When picking out gifts for book lovers sometimes it can be good to pick out an item inspired by their favorite book or series. Try to stick to items you know your friend will actually use. It can help to find out what their favorite quote or character is from their favorite book. This will help you to find items that truly let them feel special.

Book quote shirts 

Books speak to the soul and some quotes will stay with you long after the story ends. Giving the gift of a book quote is giving someone the opportunity to start a conversation with them about their favorite quote. Find out what their favorite quotes are and pick out a shirt or hoodie that features that quote. 

Book/Reading focused Mugs 

Many readers will sit down with a cup of coffee or tea while reading. Having a book-inspired mug is a simple and fun cup to use when reading. Pick out something that reminds you of the reader in your life and it’s sure to be a hit. 

Go With a Digital Gift!

When considering gift ideas for book fans it can be tempting to get them something physical they can hold. It can be good to consider going in a different direction. There are a variety of digital book gifts to consider. In fact, for some reading enthusiasts digital gifts are better! Here are a few options to consider.

Gift Kindle Books

You can gift an Amazon gift card as one option for gifting kindle books. However, it can help to how to gift kindle books should you want to gift a specific book.

How to gift a Kindle book:

  • Go to the Kindle eBook’s product detail page on Amazon.
  • In the Buy for others box select the quantity you want to purchase.
  • Select the Buy for others button and then enter the details for your gift recipients.
  • You can specify recipient email addresses on the checkout page to send each recipient an email with the link to redeem the eBook. Any eBooks not sent are available, after completing your purchase, to be sent when you choose.

Gift a Book Gift Card

There is something to be said about gifting a reader a shopping spree to pick out their next favorite read. It takes all the stress out of the equation for both the gifter and the receiver. Giving an avid reader the right to go into a book store and buy anything they want from their to be read list is a treasure! Gift cards for book lovers include options such as a Books a Million gift card or even a Barnes and Noble gift card.

 Gift a Bookstore Membership

Another gift that keeps on giving would be a bookstore membership. Most bookstore memberships cost under $50 for an entire year and offer discounts and special coupons. Gifting a membership can give them a chance to save all year on a variety of their favorite books. Some membership options include Books A Million membership, Barnes and Noble membership, or even an Audible membership for audiobooks.

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Gifts for Book Lovers Frequently asked questions

Can Amazon gift cards be used to buy kindle books?

You can use an Gift Card to purchase Kindle books. Any available balance will be used for your Kindle store purchase before your credit or debit card is charged. Your gift card balance, as well as promotional balances, cannot be used to pay for content with recurring subscription charges.

Can you use Amazon gift cards for audible books?

As of the writing of this blog post, the answer is no.

What to write when signing a book as a gift

When signing a book as a gift, please keep in mind that many readers will save any books they truly treasure. Take the time to personalize your message to something that will bring a strong memory and bring a smile to their face. It can also help to remember to only write your message on the blank front or back page and not on the covers of the book.

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