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Free Mini Unit Study – Patrick Henry and Slavery

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Over the last few weeks in co-op, we have used Liberty’s Kids to study The Boston Tea Party, The Intolerable Acts, and The First Continental Congress. This week we moved on to episode 4 of Liberty’s Kids. We were introduced to Patrick Henry and learned about slavery. I have put together a Patrick Henry and Slavery unit study printable pack for you to use with your kids as you watch this episode.

Patrick Henry and Slavery unit study

Patrick Henry and Slavery Liberty’s Kids Lesson

What did we do? 

We started by watching Episode 4.
Then I had the kids work on the vocabulary sheet.
After vocabulary, the children filled out the Thinking about Slavery page.
I then gave them the opportunity to write a letter for the freedom of a slave. It was very interesting to see the fight from a young child for the freedom of another person. You may be surprised how well your child does at fighting for the freedom of another person in their letter.
We finished by doing the Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Coloring page where the children had the opportunity to show me what they consider worth fighting for.

What is included? 

  • Vocabulary Sheet
  • Thinking About Slavery page
  • Letter Template
  • Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Coloring Page 
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