Free Green Mountains Boy Mini Unit Study

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Free Green Mountain Boy lessons are a must for history lessons! Over the last few weeks in co-op, we have used Liberty’s Kids to study The Boston Tea PartyThe Intolerable Acts, and The First Continental Congress. This week we focused on The Green Mountain Boys and their role in History. I have put together a free printable pack for you to use as you study this section.

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Green Mountain Boys Liberty’s Kids Lesson

What will we do? 

  • Watch Season 1, episode 7 of Liberty’s Kids. While watching the episode the children will be expected to follow along with their active listening page and answer these questions.
  • Draw a comic page to go with the section of the lesson using the template. This will give the children a time to show what they have learned.
  • Study Maple Syrup – Maple syrup was important in the Green Mountains. I have included a sheet with a website to spend more time researching maple syrup. If you want to add a bit of fun to it, it can help to create a recipe that uses maple syrup.

Synopsis of the Green Mountain Boys episode of Liberty’s Kids
“Trouble erupts in the New Hampshire Grants when settlers are forced from their homes (1770-1775).” “James HillerSarah Phillips and Henri LeFevbre are in the New Hampshire Grants meeting the Green Mountain Boys. Their leader, Ethan Allen makes a plan with Benedict Arnold to attack Fort Ticonderoga.”

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