30+ Free Educational Resources - Great educational resources for a variety of subjects.

Free Educational Resources

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Curriculum and educational programs can quickly get expensive. That’s why it is great to have access to free educational resources like the ones in this list. Supplement your child’s education with many of these great sites and resources.  If there is something missing from this list, make sure to let me know. I would love to add favorites from my readers to this list.

30+ Free Educational Resources - Great educational resources for a variety of subjects. - Are you looking for free educational resources to supplement your child's education? Don't miss this great list of over 30 different free options.

Free Educational Websites


  • Math Goodies – This site has many math lessons for all ages and abilities.
  • Xtra Math – This site has free math lessons for kids.
  • YayMath– These are free online math lessons.
  • Arcademics – This site has some great games including a multiplication fact race.
  • Math Playground This site has many math games on different age levels.
  • Prodigy Math –  Both kids have really loved this site as of late. It’s been a fun way for them to merge Math and learning. I love that it gives me a synopsis of skills they have worked on.


  • Daily Grammar – This site has daily grammar lessons for free.


  • Ben’s Guide to the Government – This is a very simple clickable site for government for kids on varying grade levels.
  • Mr. Donn – This site has a huge selection of History lesson plans.


  • First SchoolPreschool Printables for reading readiness
  • Reading.ECB – This site offers reading options in many different formats. This is great for kids who learn in different ways. You can draw a picture while you read, summarize, infer, and so much more.
  • Seussville This site has many great activities that you can use in conjunction with some of your favorite Dr. Seuss books.
  • SF Reading – This site has online Grammar and Reading Books that you can work from free for grades 1-6.
  • Star Fall – This is a great site for Phonetic learning. It’s very interactive and fun for children learning their letters or learning to read.


  • CK12This is a STEM based Science and Math site filled with tons of great resources!
  • Kid’s Astronomy – This site has a full astronomy course for free for your child. They have two separate courses based on age.
  • Kid’s HealthThis site has many films talking about how the body works using fun cartoons.
  • Science Kids – This site has Science games on multiple topics.
  • Switch Zoo – This site has tons of animal related activities and games on multiple levels.

Multiple Subjects

  • ABCYaThis site offers a variety of learning apps ranging from sight words to keyboarding.
  • AmblesideThis is a free Charlotte Mason based curriculum online.
  • Busy Teacher – This site has many great printables. The printables or for a variety of topics for many age groups.
  • Classic MusicThis site has games and playable tracks for classic music.
  • Soft Schools – This site has printables from every grade and subject matter. There are also many games for each grade level.
  • Hour of Code – This site has been my son’s obsession as of late. It is a fun intereactive way for kids to learn to code.
  • Code Academy – This site has a slow interactive lesson to teach you about coding on your computer. Great for older learners.
  • Dance mat Typing – This is a free kids typing program. My daughter uses it and I am very happy with it.
  • PBS Kids – There are many games here from PBS for your child. Sometimes playing a game connected with a character they like makes the game worthwhile for a child.
  • Learn Out Loud – This site has many free audio books and lessons.
  • National Geographic KidsThis site has many different games and interactive facts on different subjects.
  • Shepphard SoftwareThis site has a variety of games for many subjects!

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