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Free Doctor Who Inspired Gift Tags

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Free Doctor Who Inspired Gift Tags - Perfect for gifts for Doctor Who fans. These free Doctor Who Christmas Gift Tags would make the perfect addition to any gift and it's a free printable!

Doctor Who Gift Tags

Christmas is just around the corner. I thought it would be fun to share a little Whovian cheer with you while you wait for the Christmas special… I mean wrap Christmas presents. Yeah, that’s it. I have put together 3 fun sheets of Doctor Who inspired gift tags to make your Christmas season a little more Fantastic!

These Doctor Who gift tags would be best printed on a thicker paper. If you don’t print them on thicker paper, understand that thinner paper will need to be taped onto presents. This will allow you to add a personalized Doctor Who touch to your Doctor Who gifts this holiday season. I know I would love a bit of whovian flare added to any of my holiday gifts!

Another option would be to print them on a glossy paper. The glossy paper would give you the look of a fancier tag without having to laminate them. If you print on a glossy paper you will need to use sharpie to write name information on as it won’t allow pencils and such to write on it.

The printable gift tags are part of a larger printable pack filled with a variety of Doctor Who printables for the fan in your life. Focus on things like creative writing, math, reading, and more with all of the different Doctor Who ideas in the printable pack.

Get this printable as part of the mega pack linked below! (Choose to print only select pages to get the ones you want.)

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