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First Continental Congress Mini Unit Study

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Over the last few weeks in co-op we have used the first 2 episodes of Liberty’s Kids to teach about the Boston Tea Party and The Intolerable Acts. This week we learned about the First Continental Congress and we really had a great time. I am going to share what we did and a few great resources for you to use in addition to what we did for our First Continental Congress lesson.

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What we did

We started by watching episode 3 of Liberty’s Kids. After watching the episode we did copy work with the names of the 13 colonies. We then discussed the colonies and what it meant that multiple colonies helped Boston with food. For this, you could easily assign each child a certain amount of food and then have them share when the child who is in Boston runs out of Boston to escape.

After this we talked about Novanglus writing under a pen name. I challenged each child to come up with their pen name and let me know why they chose it. This can be a fun activity that will help them with future writing assignments as well.

From here we discussed the tar and feathers portion of the episode. We took this a step further and discussed bullying. After our discussion the children did the accompanying page.
We finished our lesson by making our own pamphlets to send to Boston. We simply folded the printable three ways to look more like an actual pamphlet.

More Great Resources! 

Comic Lesson from Donald Nichols
Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress from Teaching American History
Skit Activity from The Bonus Point Band ($)

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