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Egg Experiment for Kids

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Egg Experiment for kids. Why do kids have to wear a helmet on their bikes?

This week we spent a short bit studying the human body some more. I decided it was time to talk about the importance of helmets with my kiddos. We used a simple experiment with an egg, some water, and a cup. Don’t miss this fun egg experiment for kids!

What you need for the egg experiment: 

  • 1 egg 
  • 1 cup with a lid
  • Enough water to fill the cup half way. 
egg in cup with water added


  • Fill the cup with water.
  • Place the egg in. 
  • Shake the cup. Shaking the cup with the water will show how the water can protect the egg from experiencing the same amout of damage. This is the equivalent of wearing a helmet when biking.

Ask children the following: What do you observe about the egg? What is the water doing for the egg? 

Egg in cup with no water added.
  • Now dump out the water and leave the egg in the cup. – Take a few minutes to explain the fact that this is the equivalent of not wearing a helmet. There is nothing in place to protect the brain from impact.
  • Shake the cup again. – In order to avoid skewing the information, don’t shake it harder when there is no water.

What happens to the egg? What will happen to your brain without a helmet?

Egg in cup for egg experiment

The brain is incredibly important and needs to be protected when biking. When a head injury is incurred without the use of a helmet, the risk goes up considerably. This is illustrated by the egg in the water vs removed from the water. By removing the water, you show children the higher risk of damage as opposed to a situation where there is protection from the impact.

Read more about helmets from Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

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