7 Amazing Dystopian Novels You Don't Want to Miss Out ON!! Are you looking for a dystopian book? Don't miss these!

Dystopian Novels for Teens!

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Dystopian books are my favorite and dystopian books for teens are my favorite! In fact, I am currently on a dystopian novel binge right now. Finding dystopian novels that are appropriate for teens can be hard but I have found 7 amazing dystopian novels that I absolutely love! I am going to share them with you in this post. If you have read them, let me know what you think of them in the comments. If I forgot one please leave it in the comments. I would love to add some books to my Library List.

7 Amazing Dystopian Novels You Don't Want to Miss Out ON!! Are you looking for a dystopian book? Don't miss these! #books #amazingbooks #reading #dystopian #read #homeschool #education

Dystopian Books for Teens!


What is a dystopian novel? 

A dystopian novel is about a society that is the complete opposite of a utopian society. Things have fallen apart in some way and life is not pretty at all. In these novels, your main character will be in a very difficult setting with almost insurmountable conflicts.

Divergent Series  – 

This is one of my favorite book series of all time! These books are so well written. You will find yourself celebrating and grieving with Tris. I won’t give away the ending but I will tell you it left me angry. I am still mad at the author for the ending. However, the series is worth the journey even if the ending is frustrating.

The Hunger Games  – 

This is another big favorite of mine. I found myself completely captivated by the story. Don’t be surprised if you love and hate Katniss the main character throughout the series. This book brought out some strong emotions in me. I laughed, cried, was angry, and smiled again. It was very well written and I highly recommend it. I’m reading it aloud to the kids now and it’s like reopening old wounds and meeting old friends again. I adore this book!

The Testing Trilogy – 

This book was a bit more predictable in its plotline but it was still a great read. While I knew the direction the author was going I wouldn’t dare put it down. I highly recommend this series if you are looking for a great read. Predictability isn’t bad when you are enjoying the journey.

The Razorland Trilogy – 

This series reminds me a lot of The Host in some of its elements. The best way I can think to explain it is, Hunger Games meets Host meets Divergent. While it seems to be a combination of multiple feels it is definitely its own unique brand of awesome. I recommend trying the first one and seeing if you can get invested in the characters.

The Lunar Chronicles – 

This series does a great job of taking your favorite fairy tales and adding a serious dystopian twist to them. I found myself sympathizing with Cinder as she had to make some of the most difficult decisions anyone could. It really is a well-written series with some strongly defined characters.

The Maze Runner Series – 

Don’t let the movie fool you. The book is WAY better! It’s a completely different story and it will leave you guessing. I devoured these books so quickly! I recommend getting the whole series. You won’t want to wait for the next one.

Matched – 

This has more of a romantic feel than some of the others. Be prepared for that as it is essentially a book about pre-arranged marriages in a dystopian society. I highly recommend checking them out though. It really was an interesting plotline.

7 Amazing Dystopian Novels for Teens! - I won't tell if mom wants to read them too.

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  1. I absolutely love Dystopian series. I have read the Divergent and Maze Runner Series and I can personally vouch for their awesomeness! They should definitely be read if one has not yet done so. My sister read the Matched trilogy and I have yet to get around to it, but I definitely hope to soon! I will make sure to check out these other series also.Thank you so much for these suggestions!

  2. Oooh! I haven't read all of these series' yet, my daughter and I will have to buy some for the kindle. Thanks!!!

  3. I loved Hunger Games! I read the first book in the Divergent series in about a day… definitely looking to read the others too! Great list… I'll definitely have to check these out. 🙂

  4. We loved the Hunger games. We just got the first Divergent novel… Hadn't heard of the rest of these. We will definitely have to look them up. Thanks!

  5. Shatter Me series. Read the novellas also and re ad everything in order. Book, novella, book, novella, book.

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