DIY Harry Potter Book Tote
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DIY Harry Potter Book Tote

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Do you have a reader in the house? R has devoured the entire Harry Potter book series this year and now she is reading them again! When I was making C his Pirate tote I decided R needed her own tote so I made her this DIY Harry Potter Book Tote. Don’t worry. It’s really simple and the Harry Potter fan in your house is sure to love it! You could even buy the books for Christmas and use this as the gift bag they come in!

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DIY Harry Potter Book Tote

You will need

Canvas Tote Bag – I grabbed a 3 pack at Michael’s and used their 30% off coupon and paid just under $9.
Sharpie – I used a fine point black one but you can personalize yours as needed.
I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Good Printable

What to do:

Start by ironing your tote.

I did not do that with this bag and I wish I would have.

DIY Harry Potter Book Tote

Place your printable on the inside of the bag and trace on the outside with pencil.

 My bag was just thin enough that I could see it enough. You may have to put a small light behind it to make it easier to use. If you have a lightbox, use it! This will be your template when you use the sharpie.

DIY Harry Potter Book Tote

Fill in your words with Shapie

Know that the sharpie may bleed a little bit. Try not to push on it too hard.

DIY Harry Potter Book Tote

Add extra touches

For R’s bag this meant honoring Sirius Black who will always be one of her favorite characters. I drew this free hand by looking at a picture of the marauder’s map online. You can add any accents to your bag that you think the Potter fan in your household will enjoy. I found that pointed shoes do look better than rounded ones though.

DIY Harry Potter Book Tote

For the back of the bag, you can either add a favorite quote or use a unique initial.

R wanted a Harry Potter inspired R on the back of hers and I think it came out pretty good. We found it on Google images and tweaked it a bit based on what she liked.

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