Free Division Printable Worksheets - Great new way to teach long division. #Math #Homeschool #Edchat #education #freeprintable
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Division Printable Worksheets

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Math is not always a favorite in our house. In fact, my daughter often struggles to learn certain concepts. We struggled with learning basic math facts. We struggled with multiplication facts and still work hard to master skip counting. I have put together these division printable worksheets to go with the way we’ve found works for her for long division.

Free Division Printable Worksheets - Great new way to teach long division. #Math #Homeschool #Edchat #education #freeprintable

Division Printable Worksheets

One of the things my daughter struggled with as we worked on long division was the ability to see each individual column. I tried graph paper. I tried teaching her different ways and nothing seemed to stick. Then I got an idea a few weeks ago. I used a different color to represent each column so she could separate it out and see the difference.

I decided to put together these division printable worksheets for her so that she could have a simple way to work it without having to use multiple colored pencils or pens. I would love to show you how we use them in case you have a child who is struggling with long division. These printables are with four-digit problems but you could easily use this concept with less or more.

The idea with this worksheet is to help them see each number and understand that it needs to come straight now within its column. I recommend using the arrows to show it moving down.

If you want to reuse these sheets you can use one of these plastic protectors I picked up at the dollar store and a dry erase marker. If you need to show their work, for your portfolio, I recommend printing multiple sheets. I got a great deal printing mine with the Fedex Printing service. You might be able to find deals with other office stores as well.

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  1. Hello! I teach 3rd grade and the kids this year are really struggling with long division. I LOVE the visual of this worksheet. Is there a way you could tell me how you made it? I would to make it for 2-digit and 3-digit.

    Thank you!

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