Dissecting Owl Pellets

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Dissecting owl pellets can be a great lesson option. We have been studying birds in science this year. This past week we studied the bird digestive system and I decided it was a great time to dissect owl pellets with the kids. I will share a few pics from our experience but I wanted you to have many resources available to you should you decide to do it. That is why I have put together a great list of posts about dissecting owl pellets so you can be prepared.

Dissecting Owl Pellets - Huge List of resources to make it easier on you - Geeky Educational Link Up Week 38

How to Dissect Owl Pellets

  • Start by unwrapping your owl pellet.
  • Before using anything to dissect it, look at the outside and hypothesize about what you might find inside of it.
  • Use your tools to slowly pull away the layers.
  • As you pull items out, set aside any structures that might be important to study after the dissection.

Where to get owl pellets

  • Amazon – You can get a great variety of packets of pellets depending on your budget. Some even have free shipping with prime.
  • Pellet – This site has a huge variety of pellets. Shipping starts at $7.50.

Some colleges and science centers will also have these for sale if you are looking for another option.

Free Printables

Unit Studies and Owl Ideas

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