Disney's Vero Beach Resort Review
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Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

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We did receive a hotel stay for the Tour De Turtles event. However, all opinions in this post are my own.

Recently we were invited to visit Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t realize there were resorts beyond the theme parks. However, I was excited to find that not only does Disney have some incredible resorts beyond the theme parks, Disney Vero Beach Resort still has all the pixie dust you want from a Disney location. I wanted to share a bit about our experience at the resort, take you on a tour, and share a few tips if you decide to visit the resort yourself.

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Disney’s Vero Beach Resort Review

This resort is a great option if you were hoping to enjoy Florida’s beaches while on your Disney vacation. Because Disney World is in the center of the state, going to the beach is not going to be a standard part of your visit unless you take a road trip or split up some of your stay at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort before or after going to the parks.  I’m going to answer a few of the questions I had and then I will share tips towards the end.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort Review

How was the property?

From the moment you pull up on the property, you are welcomed home. As we got out of the car we heard the Disney music that instantly reminded us that we really were home. It was time for a Disney vacation above all others.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - Check-in Area
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Check-in Area

When you walk up to the welcome desk you immediately get a feel for what this resort is about. It’s the perfect marriage of all things Disney and all things beach friendly. One of the small touches that the kids loved about the check-in was the fact that their room key had their names on it. They loved this added touch of personalization.

Our room wasn’t quite ready so we took some time to explore the lobby area.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Lobby
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Lobby – Disney Movie Screen

It didn’t take long for the kids to find cookies and cucumber water. We grabbed a cookie and a glass of water and headed to this great seating area. Classic Disney cartoons were playing on the tv and we had a chance to just relax a bit before our room was ready. There were other areas with video games but we enjoyed this wonderful cartoon spot.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Room - Twining's
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Room – Twining’s tea and coffee selection in guest room

One of the small things that caught my daughter’s eye the second we entered the room was the Twining’s tea. She is a HUGE fan of Twining’s ever since our visit to the Flower and Garden Festival. I was more taken by some of the conveniences in the room such as a refrigerator, microwave, plates, utensils, even a can opener. Things like this make it easier to vacation on a budget.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Room - Sea Turtles
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Room – Sea Turtle Bed Spread

Because of the focus on Sea Turtles at the resort, the room will have many beautiful touches of sea turtles. This was so fun for us as we were there for Tour De Turtles.   From the decorations on the wall to the bed, you will find sea turtles all over the room. You will also have some great directions on how to protect the sea turtles who are nesting on the beach.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Room - playpen
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Room – playpen in guest room closet

While I am passed this phase of life, I thought it was really awesome that they had a pack n play in the room with sheets ready for the family staying in the room. It’s the little touches like this that really make Disney’s Vero Beach Resort feel like a home away from home. It also makes it easier to settle in without feeling like you have to remember to reserve something like this in advance.

I did have a bit of lag because of the signal but I went live while I was at the resort and did a tour. Check it out to see more about the room we stayed in.

What if it rains at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort? 

We happened to be there on a night when it was incredibly stormy. The beach and pool area were shut down because of lightning. We were prepared to run up to our room and watch T.V. all night and relax. However, the resort was prepared for rain.

Our night was during the game night so the whole lobby was packed with games that kids could play. Many of the lifeguards joined the kids in the lobby for checkers, jump roping, and so much more.

There was supposed to be a campfire and smores event. I assumed it would be shut down but I was wrong. They moved us to the porch and we had smores with marshmallow fluff instead of smores from the campfire. The kids had a blast singing tons of campfire songs and laughed a lot!

If you have a video game fan in the family, they can go to the front desk with the game of choice and grab a remote to play video games in one of the areas in the lobby. There were multiple consoles and a huge selection of games.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort Pool Area 

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Pool
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Pool front water slide area

The pool at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is so amazing! I will say the selling point for the kids is the giant waterslide though. I think my son went down that thing about 10 times in under an hour. I really enjoyed the poolside chairs and could have easily spent the day poolside while the kids enjoyed the pool.
One of the things that impressed me most were the lifeguards on duty. I watched as they repeatedly threw a shoe into the pool and then “rescued” it. It was reassuring to see just how fast their response time is.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Playground
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Poolside playground area

If your kids need a break from the pool there is a playground in the pool area they can spend some time running off energy. We loved that this was in the same area so that kids could play without leaving the gated pool area.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Pirate Ship
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Poolside Pirate Ship Water Play area for kids

One of the things I adored is this little pirate ship for the kids to play in. If mine were younger, I would probably let them play in there for a while and just enjoy the water play. It was a great fenced in area where younger kids would be able to run freely without worrying about bigger kids.

What kind of dining options are there at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and are they worth the money? 

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - Wind & Waves
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Wind & Waves Restaurant – Wind & Waves Restaurant Sign

We only tried out one of the restaurants while we were there but I have to highly recommend it. Wind & Waves is the restaurant at the Disney Vero Beach Resort and it is a must visit. We set up a 5:15 reservation in this amazing restaurant and were able to enjoy a quieter meal as many people didn’t start coming in until closer to 6. I’m going to share a bit about our meal. There are also other options on property for budget friendly meals including a smaller food place right by the pool.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - Buzz Lightyear cup
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Wind & Waves Restaurant – Buzz Lightyear cup that comes at an extra fee as part of a kid’s meal.

If you are going to be eating with kids I highly recommend spending the $8 for the special cup. It comes with a light up Buzz clip or a light up Tinkerbell clip. These would be so fun to take to the parks if you plan to visit the theme parks after leaving Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Before you get your dinner, make sure to try the pork belly. It will render you speechless because it is so good! They serve it over a cauliflower mash that is to die for. My daughter tried it without realizing what it was and loved it. I may just have to experiment with cauliflower mash recipes after that. She loved it.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - Flatbread
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Wind & Waves Restaurant – BBQ Flatbread

For dinner, my son with something simple and chose a grilled cheese. My daughter and I chose to be a bit more adventurous. She tried out a bbq flatbread. According to my daughter, that flatbread was INCREDIBLE! She said the green sauce was a smidge spicy and might bother some kids. If you are getting it for your children, you might want to have the sauce on the side so that they can choose to enjoy it or not.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - pan roasted chicken
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Wind & Waves Restaurant – pan roasted chicken

I chose the pan roasted chicken pictured above. I have to say it was a flavor adventure. The best way I can think to describe it is as a deconstructed chicken pot pie. The flavors are so different and yet they marry so well from item to item. I actually had to tell our amazing server to give me a minute because the food tasted so good I didn’t have words. This is a fairly large portion and I did end up eating the rest for breakfast the next morning.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - Mickey Sprinkle Sundae
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Wind & Waves Restaurant – Mickey Sprinkle Sundae
Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - Signature Turtle Sundae
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Wind & Waves Restaurant – Signature Turtle Sundae

Make sure to leave room for dessert. The kids can enjoy a Mickey sprinkles sundae while you dig into the signature turtle sundae.

The turtle sundae is 5 layers of Heaven. Every bit is delicious. The chocolate turtle on top is a solid chocolate turtle as well. I highly recommend this dessert for yourself or to share on a date night. It’s amazing!

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Wind & Waves Restaurant - Bri
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Wind & Waves Restaurant – Bri Disney Cast Member

If you get a choice, pick Bri as your server! She is one of the biggest assets this restaurant has. I am pretty sure she took our meal from good to amazing! She was so helpful, encouraging, and just plain fun. You could tell that she not only loved her job but loved all things Disney. She kept the kids laughing and was always on top of everything we needed. Bri definitely sums up service with a smile!

Is there easy access to things off of the resort property if you want to go sightseeing? 

The resort is close enough to the city but far enough that you won’t feel overcrowded by the city. There are many Vero Beach activities that are easily accessible and would be a lot of fun for the family. Family Vaction Critic has 20 Vero Beach ideas for you if you need some inspiration.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort Review - Sea Turtle Nest
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort Review – Sea Turtle Nest

Is there any way to look at the sea turtle preservation area? 

When I read on the website about the sea turtles, I thought there was a specific area for sea turtle preservation. What you find when you go to the resort is that the entire beach is a preservation area. You will find marked sea turtle nests like the one above all over the beach you will be swimming on. By law, you are not allowed to disturb them, but they make for a great photo and lesson about sea turtles. Fun fact: The nest above has a small divot in the top because that nest hatched the night before.

Do you have a pin trader in the house? 

Disney's Vero Beach Resort - Pin Trading
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Sea Turtle Pin Trading Board

Make sure to head to the gift shop if you have a pin trader in the family. There is a large sea turtle on the wall filled with pins you can trade. Make sure to stop in and see what great pins you can score.

5 Tips for Enjoying a Trip to Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Tips for Enjoying a Trip to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Prepare for the Summer heat.

It gets very hot in Florida. While this can make for a beautiful day at the beach, it can also make for a difficult day in the sun. Make sure to pack/buy sunscreen and plan for breaks from the sun. It helps to have a small cooler to take to the beach with you if you are not buying something directly from the hotel.

Clean up after yourself

When you visit the beach it can be fun to bring drinks or snacks with you. Please avoid plastic bags, straws, or anything that could be damaging to the turtles. The best approach is to make sure that you are cleaning up everything you brought with you and leaving the beach as you found it. This includes knocking down any sand castles as they are an obstacle baby sea turtles have to cross to get safely to the ocean.

Plan for tips.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort has some of the best customer service you will see. Make sure to plan for tips for restaurants, bell boys, and the bar. There are other areas where tipping is not required but recommended. Budget a little bit of your trip money towards tipping the people who take care of you.

Expect Mosquitoes! 

In the warmer months, there will be mosquitoes. Make sure to bring a bug repellant spray or wrist bands in order to prevent the bugs from bothering you. If you forget, ask at the front desk and they should have something you can use.

Bring snacks for the room.

While the resort has some great meal options you can also save money by packing snacks for your room. There is a miniature refrigerator and a microwave to make warming up food and snacks easier.

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