20 Resources for Teaching about the Boston Tea Party - Includes Free Printables!
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20 Resources for Teaching about the Boston Tea Party

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Are you teaching about the Boston Tea Party this year? We just started a homeschool co-op with some friends of ours and I decided we should work through the Liberty’s Kids Series
in a fun way. I am going to share a free printable with you as well as a few of my ideas. I am also going to give you 20 resources for teaching about the Boston Tea Party to check out in order to make your lesson the best it can be.

20 Resources for Teaching about the Boston Tea Party includes Boston Tea Party Printables

Boston Tea Party Lesson Resources


What we did:
I put together this great Free Printable Pack. We started by having all of the children draw a picture of what they thought the Boston Tea Party was.
Next we read The Boston Tea Party (Graphic History) and sang the song with Trouble Brewing: A Fun Song about the Boston Tea Party (Fun Songs).
Then I gave the children the comic strip sheet and asked them to write me a comic about The Boston Tea party. This was great for evaluating what they understood from the lesson.
We then watched Liberty’s Kids episode one while the older kids played Listening Bingo to pick out the true facts.
We ended with a second picture of what The Boston Tea Party was about to be sure they understood.
This was fairly easy to do and they learned the information well.


Resources for teaching about the Boston Tea Party

Book Ideas 

Ropes of Revolution: The Boston Tea Party (Historical Fiction)
Joining the Boston Tea Party (The Time-Traveling Twins)
The Boston Tea Party (Graphic History)
Trouble Brewing: A Fun Song about the Boston Tea Party (Fun Songs).
What Was the Boston Tea Party?

You Wouldn’t Want to Be at the Boston Tea Party!: Wharf Water Tea You’d Rather Not Drink

Free Printables 

Coloring Page from USA Printables
Liberty’s Kids Episode One Viewing Guide from Summer Ramsey
Science Experiment from Smart Chick
Tea Party Invitation from Sound and Sea
Understanding the Tea Party from Elise Loves to Teach

Boston Tea Party Tea Craft for kids

Lesson Ideas

My Side of the Story from Teaching in Room 6
Secret Messages from Miss Bell and Her Rockstars
Tea Dyed Paper from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary
Tea Time from All Things Beautiful
The Teacher is King from Mr. Haggard’s Class

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  1. Ohhhh this is exciting. I've not heard of several of those books from the Boston Tea party, they are definitely going on my list. We do Classical Conversations and the Boston Tea party is one of the history topics, so I am definitely bookmarking this post for when we do that topic. Thanks for putting together this great lesson plan.

    1. I am so glad you like it. Please come back next week as I will be offering resources for The Intollerable Acts.

  2. This is neat!! My kids love American History so this would be a great addition to our studies. Pinning it now..thanks!!

  3. Great Unit Study. This is so much more fun than how I learned about the Boston Tea Party in School. I remember reading some boring text, listen to a teacher talk for 45 minute, then took a test. Everything I know about the Tea Party is from pop-culture, not from that class!!!

    1. My daughter is dyslexic so basic text and a talk won't sink in with her. She needs to see it and experience it to learn it.

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