10 Books for 8 Year Olds - #Books #Reading #SummerReading

Books for 8 Year Olds

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It can be so hard to get 8 year olds to pick up a book and read. That said, it isn’t impossible. In fact, I have found 10 books for 8 year olds that my son is crazy about. I am going to share them with you now. Here’s the thing. I’m going to let him explain why you should try out each one.

10 Books for 8 Year Olds - #Books #Reading #SummerReading

10 Books for 8 Year Olds

Please keep in mind that everyone parents differently. I may be perfectly fine with most of these books while some of the topics may not be appropriate for your 8 year old. Make sure to look thru them before giving them to your child to be sure you are comfortable with the content.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

My son’s response when I asked him why you should let your kids read it:

“This is a lot like all of the other books. It is full of boy humor and silliness. I like that it has lots of drawings but still gets you to read. It’s like a graphic novel and a chapter book had a baby.”

Captain Underpants

My son’s explanation:

“It’s about 2 boys who write a story and they use a hypnoring 2000 and that brings to life this guy named Captain Underpants. He is the superhero of the story except he’s not like your normal superhero. He’s like a big dude who fights in his underwear. It’s very filled with boy humor which means farts and burps and such.”


“Dogman is a really good book for kids. It’s basically the same as Captain Underpants except it’s a dog and a cat and they fight crime. It’s filled with boy humor too. You should read it because it is for 8 year olds. At the end of the book, it leads to a website where you can get coloring pages.”

Captain Awesome

My son’s opinion:
“This book is funny and from the boys that I have heard from, sometimes even me, like having the girl as the bad guy. It’s like girls stink. It’s filled with boy humor.”

Teen Titans Comics

“It’s a really good comic. For me, everyone likes Teen Titans so I would say it is a thumbs up. Everybody would think it is a good book because it is super heroes but it is kids.”

Bigfoot Boy

“This is a really good book because. It has bigfoot but it is not scary. It’s like a non-scary scary book. I think people would like it because it really fits into the not scary scary books.”

Diary of an 8-bit warrior

“It’s about this guy who was a villager and he’s like this kind of warrior but he fights with this girl. You should read it because it is funny and action in one.”

Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia

His description:

“It’s a good read for those who aren’t into boy humor but are into action and fantasy. It has Pegasus and dude who is a horse and a guy. You should read it because it’s a good read and it’s a lot of fun.”

Who Was/Who Is 

“This is a book about people in history. The one I am going thru right now is Stan Lee. They are about a real life person and they do a good job teaching facts about the person. They also keep it fun for kids. It’s good for doing essays if you need to work on essays.”

I Survived

“They are really good because they are historical. They are about real places and real things that happened. I’d say it is a good read for kids who like History and for learning.”

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