10 Books for 7 Year Olds - 10 Awesome books my 7 year old son is obsessed with!
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Books for 7 Year Olds

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My 7-year-old has become quite the strong reader as of late. This has been great but it also means he is devouring books quicker than I can get him new ones to read. I’m pretty sure the librarian wants to hide when he walks up to the desk looking for more book recommendations. I figured you might also have a book lover at home and you might appreciate these books for 7 year olds!  All of them have been suggested by my son. I hope you find a few your child can enjoy.

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Books for 7 Year Olds

Some of these books would be fun for them to read on their own and others would work well for a read aloud. One of my favorite things to do when it comes to getting kids reading is letting them read what they enjoy. If you can get a kid to devour a good book they will grow their vocabulary and build stronger reading skills. This book list is based on what my son likes. Please comment and let me know if you think there are things that should be included in this list. 

 Captain Awesome Reading Level 3.9 – AR Pts: 1.0

In my son’s words, “Captain Awesome should be read by all kids because it is AWESOME!” He loves these books and they are repeat offenders in our library bag each week. They are packed with fun anecdotes kids are sure to laugh at. This is a book series so your child will have a lot of fun moving past the first book and really enjoying the story as it develops from book to book. 

Captain Underpants Reading Level – 4.7 – AR Pts: 1.0

With a name like Captain Underpants, it was sure to grab his interest. This book series is pure silliness and my son just adores it. He loves all the bathroom humor, action hero fun, and total silliness in this series. This series feels like a grown-up picture book of sorts. It is kinda like a comic book meets a chapter book. If you have a child who gets anxious reading books that don’t have any images, this could be a great next step for you as there are images but they are going to be doing more reading. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Reading Level 5.2 – AR Pts: 3.0

This book series and the movies that go with it are my son’s absolute favorite. He will read this about a thousand times if I let him. He just loves the silliness of it and the fact that most of it is just gross. He giggles the whole way through each book and constantly runs to me to tell me the new shenanigans the characters are up to. I will say that in this series we have had some conversations about what kind of friend we choose to be. The story’s main character isn’t a very good friend and it shows in the way that the story progresses. We have talked a lot about how my son should be handling situations the main character encounters in the book. 

Bigfoot Boy

Bigfoot Boy  Reading Level 2.3 – AR Pts: 0.5

My son says these are very interesting. He said, “If you are a kid who likes series with superheroes and people that turn into animals, this would be a good book. He has a girl sidekick and it’s just a great book.” From what he tells me this book is packed with a lot of action kids are sure to enjoy. It’s also a fun one for kids who find things like bigfoot and some of these mystery creatures to be fun. 


Dino-Mike  4.4 – AR Pts: 1.0

This book series went so fast with C that I barely had a chance to hear about it. He devoured the whole series in a matter of days as he sat giggling about all the different stories. I recommend this series if you are looking for a really fun series for kids who love dinosaurs. I love that it is big on imagination and creativity for kids. 

Chronicles of Narnia  Reading Level  4.9 – AR Pts: 1.0

This series is one that he comes and goes with. He seems to like to pick it up for a bit and then move on to something else. However, he always seems to come back to Aslan and the wardrobe at some point. I love that because this is one of my favorites. This series would work well as a read aloud though or as an audio book you listen to together. I know that I enjoyed the story with this one and we had some great conversations about some of the themes represented. 

Imagination Station Book Series

Imagination Station Reading Level BL: 3.4 – AR Pts: 2.0

The Imagination Station books are similar to Magic Treehouse books except they take a faith-based approach. The characters travel through all of time and see historical events through a faith-based lens. My son didn’t really love Magic Treehouse but he devoured these. If you are a faith based family these are definitely a fun option for your 7 year old to read. 

Geronimo Stilton  Reading Level 4.8 – AR Pts: 2.0

This book series had my little guy laughing too hard. He loved the adventure and finished these books so fast we almost made a bonus library trip. I highly recommend them if you have a kid that loves a bit of adventure. 

The Hardy Boys  Reading Level 5.9 – AR Pts: 5.0

Do you have a child that loves a good mystery? Hardy Boys is one of my son’s favorite series. He was gifted a few older ones from a grandma and he was hooked. I highly recommend them. This series is a classic. You can often find them in the library, at thrift stores, or on Amazon. This book series is perfect for your more inquisitive adventurer. 

Boxcar Children Reading Level 3.9 – AR Pts: 2.0  

This series was one of my absolute favorites as a child. I used to dream of running away with my friends and living in a boxcar in the woods. I would dream of amazing adventures and all the stories we could tell. I love that he is continuing the adventure. My son loves the creativity it takes the children to survive on their own. He also has asked me more than once if I think he would be able to survive as well as the children in the book. Your children may have different reasons for loving it.

What is your 7 year old reading? 

It can be so hard to get younger children to really fall in love with a book or a series. Do you have a book or series that your child is devouring? I would love to hear recommendations in the comments. I will add an honorable mentions section to the bottom of this post with some of your recommendations. 

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  1. My daughter stumbled across a series at her school’s book fair last year: My Weird School Books by Dan Gutman. She laughs so much while she’s reading. She also likes the Wayside series by Louis Sachar. I used to love the Wayside series myself as a kid, so I definitely recommend.

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