Battle of Bunker Hill Unit Study - Free Printables and Mini unit study

Battle of Bunker Hill Unit Study

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In the coming year, we are focusing on using Liberty’s Kids as a way to study History. I have put together other unit studies to go with prior episodes. Today I will be focusing on the Battle of Bunker Hill in this Battle of Bunker Hill Unit Study. When teaching C I like to use a combination of worksheets and hands-on learning. If you don’t want to miss any of the future lessons make sure to subscribe to my e-mail. I send out a monthly e-mail with highlights from the blog that month.

Battle of Bunker Hill Unit Study

Battle of Bunker Hill Unit Study

Watch Episode 9 of Liberty’s Kids

We are huge fans of Liberty’s kids here. We always start with an episode of Liberty’s Kids for any of these units and then expand on it from there. Episode 9 is focused on The Battle of Bunker Hill. I have also put together a simple comic template for your child to work through as they watch the episode or after the episode. This is a really fun way to use art to see how much your child retained from the episode. You can either watch the video below or order your own copy from Amazon.

Bunker Hill

Get Hands On

Set up a Model

I challenged C to use his action figures and set up a battle where one side had the tactical advantage. I also challenged him to set up the battle of Bunker Hill. I wanted him to see it as they may have seen it back then. This is a great way to get your child hands-on with the material.

Protect your camp

The next thing I did was challenge C to head into the backyard and prepare for battle. I gave him a very limited time. His goal was to use only the items he had on hand to prepare for an attack. This is where silliness reigns because we may have actually battled it out a bit in the backyard in order to test his defenses. Just saying, R and I make great redcoats.

Writing Challenge

I put together a short writing challenge. C had a lot of fun with this one. This is a great way to get your child thinking about the story and how they would have fit into it.

Dig a Little Deeper and Test your Knowledge

I found a fabulous website with some great information. I challenged C to spend some time reading through the information shared by Ducksters and then take the 10 question quiz to see how well he understood. Another great option is to check out these great videos about how a musket works and how it would have impacted them in this time.

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