25 Plus Avengers Recipes and Party Ideas - #InfinityWar #Avengers #Marvel #Party #MarvelParty

Avengers Roundup

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As a family, we are crazy excited about the new Avengers Infinity War movie! I have rounded up some great printables, recipes, party ideas, and so much more so that you can have some Avengers fun. These would be great for a watch party of all the other Marvel movies as well as Infinity War when it comes out on Blu-ray. Make sure to check out all the different ideas and find some fun ones in this Avengers Roundup

25 Plus Avengers Recipes and Party Ideas - Avengers Infinity War is sure to be a hit and your kids will probably want an Avengers party this year. #InfinityWar #Avengers #Marvel #Party #MarvelParty

Avengers Party Ideas

Avengers Recipes

Ant-Man and the Wasp Dirt Pie from Disney Parents

Captain America Cookie Cake from Growing Up Gabel

Captain America Popcorn Balls from Thrifty Jinxy

Captain America Shield Cake from My Boys & Their Toys

Hulk Cake Pops from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Hulk Smash Ice Cream from Mom Vs the Boys

Hulk Party Punch from Thrifty Jinxy

Loki April Fool’s Day Prank Meal 

Scarlet Witch Strawberry Crescent Braid from My Boys & Their Toys

Tesseract Inspired Cookie Recipe from The Creative Stay at Home Mom

Thor Super Hero Cookies from Inspiration Edit

Avengers Party Ideas

Avengers Bath Bombs from Steam Powered Family

Avengers Mason Jars from Party at Home

Avengers Shoes from Comic Con Family

Captain America Plate Shield from Crafts on Sea

Infinity Gauntlet Slime from One Mom’s Mess

Paper Plate Hulk Mask from Crafts on Sea

Printable Marvel Granola Bar Wrappers from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Spiderman Painting Craft from Inspiration Edit

Super Hero Coaster from Messy Little Monster

Super Hero Dress Up Bookcase from Teach Me Mommy

Super Hero Puppet Craft from Messy Little Monster

Thor Paper Plate Helmet from Crafts on Sea

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