10 Art YouTube Channels for Kids - Keep kids entertained with these art youtube channels for kids.
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Art YouTube Channels for Kids

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My kids love art. They love to draw and create beautiful things. I am ok at teaching them some of it but sometimes I like to let them learn from someone else. There are some fun learn-to-draw books out there. However, my kids are visual learners and need to be able to see the art project in process. We have started using Youtube to get them more art tutorials without buying a new art curriculum. I decided to put together a list of 10 art YouTube channels for kids in case you want to use YouTube as part of your child’s art curriculum or just for fun.

10 Art YouTube Channels for Kids - Keep kids entertained with these art youtube channels for kids. 5 Art YouTube Channels for Kids - #art #youtube #artclass #Artlessons #Learn #homeschool #onlinelearning

Use YouTube to Teach Art – Best Art YouTube Channels!

These are the 10 YouTube channels my kids have been working from as of late. I will be updating this as we learn about new channels. If you know of one I forgot, please leave me a comment and let me know.

Art For Kids Hub

This is our absolute favorite channel when it comes to how to draw YouTubers. The kids really like that he draws with his kids. It makes them feel better to see less than perfect drawings. They like that they can make some mistakes and that is ok.

Check out Art For Kids Hub

Art Supplies you’ll need to use this channel’s tutorials

When working with a YouTube art channel it helps to make sure you have the right supplies for drawing along with him. Art for Kids Hub tends to use sharpies and paper with some colored markers. Here are a few suggestions.

Doodle Draw Art

Doodle Draw Art is newer to us but we really enjoy the cute designs. You may need to pause the video at times so that your child can see the drawing. The artist has a problem with letting her hand get in the way.

Check out Doodle Draw Art

Doodle Draw Art uses a lot of Sharpie in the art that she does on her channel. The resources below would be good for drawing along.


This channel does not allow me to put a video sample here. However, we enjoy some of her drawing lessons. You will want to look through to find what you really want. She uses more of an anime drawing style and moves quite quickly.

Check out Fun2Draw

Cartooning 4 Kids

The kids really enjoy this channel because it has a step by step guide and includes many of their favorite characters and themes. This has more of a cartoon style but it is a lot of fun to work with.

Check out Cartooning 4 Kids

Paul Priestley

This channel is new to us. It is more advanced than a lot of cartooning channels. However, there are some fantastic beginner’s videos to be found. I highly recommend working through some of them with older children.

Check out Paul Priestley

Disney Parks Drawing Tutorials 

Disney Parks offers a variety of tutorials teaching how to draw some of your favorite Disney characters! We spend a lot of time on these. They move a bit quicker so you may have to pause occasionally but they are always fun and entertaining for kids of any age. 

See their full playlist here.

 Draw So Cute 

Draw So Cute offers adorable art tutorials for kids that are sure to be a lot of fun. This channel covers a variety of characters. You can draw in pencil but know that the drawings will not look the same. 

See more on the channel

Cartooning Club How to Draw

This channel is packed with a variety of different cartoon styled how to draw videos that are sure to be fun for most kids. If he goes too fast, hit pause and make the class go the speed that works for you. 

See more on the channe

Easy pictures to draw


This channel is filled with simple drawing tutorials for children who don’t want more involved art lessons. 

Find more on the channel

Draw Kids Draw

See more on the channel.  

Do you have a favorite Art YouTube channel? Leave a comment and let me know.

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