Graphic that reads If Loki Came to Dinner April Fools Prank Meal - Perfect April Fools prank or movie watch party idea!

April Fools Dinner Prank

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With the release of the newest Avengers movie coming soon, I wanted to do something fun with the kids. It’s also almost April fools day so I wanted to find a fun way to come up with an April Fools dinner prank with an Avengers theme. I decided to play a prank on them and tell them Loki came to dinner and he was in charge of the meal. We had a lot of laughs from this one.

Graphic that reads If Loki Came to Dinner April Fools Prank Meal - #prank #AprilFools #AvengersInfinityWar

April Fools Dinner Prank – Loki came to dinner

Loki in the Avengers movies and in mythology is known to be a prankster. I knew that for dinner we would have to have something silly that would be a good play on his need to create chaos. This could be a fun chance to invite your kids to dinner with a Loki themed invite or even fun for a Loki themed birthday party.

You will need

Pound Cake
Lemon Icing
Mashed Potatoes – I used this recipe in my instant pot but you could do them any way you like.
Green Jello


Slice your pound cake to look like bread slices.

Put them in a pan and toast them just enough to look like a grilled cheese crust.

Prank grilled cheese for Loki Came to Dinner April Fools dinner prank

Use your yellow icing to look like melted cheese and put it together.

Make your green jello according to the directions on the packaging.

Pour it into your cups and then add a straw. Put it in the fridge to cool.

I made my potatoes in the instant pot with this recipe but you can just make mashed potatoes.

Use an ice cream scoop to put your potatoes in the bowl.

Top with gravy and then put a cherry on top.

If Loki Came to dinner Prank meal

The one that made the kids laugh the most was the jello drink in the cup. They both laughed hysterically when they tried to drink it and realized what it really was.

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