Multiplication and Addition Printable - #Math #printable #homeschool #education
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Addition and Multiplication Printable

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Are you using Summer to work on Math skills? Whether you homeschool or not, Summer is a great time to work on facts your child might struggle with to get them ready for the coming year. I have put together addition and multiplication printable sheets to help my kids and I am happy to share them with you. These are great to print and use for Summer math.

Multiplication and Addition Printable - #Math #printable #homeschool #education

Addition and Multiplication Printable

These printables would work great for a road trip or in a plastic sheet with dry erase markers. You could also laminate them and use dry erase markers to work the number facts.

What is included in the printable pack

Addition fact sheet – There are a few of these that would be perfect for speed drills if you are working on helping your child get them faster.

Multiplication fact sheet – There are also a few of these that would work great for speed drills. Are your kids working to get stronger at their multiplication facts?

Build your own word problem – The math fact is provided and your child gets the chance to write their own word problem for it and then solve it. This is a great exercise because it will help you to see how well they understand the words and how they are used in a problem.

Word problems – Word problems are a great way to make sure that your children genuinely understand the math concept they are working on.

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