Aaron Burr Sir | Hamilton Unit Study Part 2

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Aaron Burr Sir is a popular song from the musical and we recently started a series of unit studies focused on the History behind the popular show Hamilton. My 10 year old asked me to help her understand how things actually happened in History. This has been a fun study to build and I have learned a great deal. Our last study focused on the first song of Hamilton and you can find that here. There are some sensitive topics addressed in this song. I do not include them in the study but your child will hear them if you choose to listen to the song.

Aaron Burr Sir - Hamilton musical inspired unit study focusing on one song at a time. This unit is focused on the song Aaron Burr Sir

Aaron Burr Sir Second Song in Hamilton Unit Study

I know there are some sensitive subjects in the show. There are some I will be addressing and others I will not in these studies. I also know there are curse words in the show. If this is something you do not feel comfortable with, this show will not be appropriate for you. I do plan to address the cursing in future lessons but not in this one. All printables in this lesson will be free of swear words.

Start by listening to the song

You can get the album on Amazon. You can also stream it free with an Amazon Prime membership or on Spotify. To be honest, R knows almost every lyric to this song by heart already but I made her listen to it again to prepare for the unit.


The next thing I had R do was to work on understanding the main characters mentioned in this song. You can print the Character Research Sheet for this section. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn to use safe search engines though we have had to use Google for some as the information isn’t always complete on some of these sites.

Words to Know

In this section, I decided to have R learn the translation for some of the French words used in this song. I think it is important for her to understand what she is hearing and repeating. It’s not just about singing a lyric. It is about understanding what it means.

Writing Challenge

It is very important to get kids thinking about the context of certain things. I have a few writing challenges that I gave R for this. They can all be found in the printable pack at the bottom of this post. They are the following pages:

Do you agree with Aaron Burr printable

Who is Lancelot printable

What is a Red Coat printable


With each unit, I am having R add another portion to her timeline. This time she had a lot of fun adding more detail because it was a shorter period of time.

Comic Strip

When R saw C’s comic strip in his Liberty’s Kids unit study she asked me to add one to this study for her.

Where can I find the printables?

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