10 MORE Things I didn't know about Universal Studios Orlando
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10 MORE Things I Didn’t know about Universal Studios Orlando

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Last year my husband and I ran away for a couple days to explore Universal Studios Orlando. I shared 10 things I didn’t know when I returned. This year my mom came down for a visit. She wanted to head to Universal Studios Orlando for a couple days and enjoy all it had to offer. Believe it or not, I found 10 more things I didn’t know about Universal Studios Orlando. I hope that by reading these you will be able to enjoy your trip more.

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Universal Studios Orlando Secrets!

The annual pass discount is a huge savings!

If you are debating how you want to purchase your tickets, I highly recommend the annual pass. While it may seem cheaper to go with the daily tickets, an annual pass will discount parking, food, merchandise, and more!

Cooling towels are the best invention ever! 

Florida can get very hot and very humid. These cooling towels hold the cold water without being dripping wet. Wrap one around your neck and you will find that your body temperature goes down considerably. I don’t think I would have survived the heat without mine.

Staying on property during the busy season can save you a great deal!

Staying in any of the premium resorts will get you express passes for everyone staying in the room. These express passes can run up to $300 a person depending on when you buy them. Having the ability to skip the line in the park is a huge advantage that should not be overlooked!

AAA has some perks

If you purchase your ticket through AAA (saves about $5 a ticket) than they will give you a special card when you pick up your tickets. You can use that in the Universal stores and restaurants to take 10% off your purchase. You can not use that discount on the meal plan though.

The park Merchandise is pretty pricey!

If you are planning to buy park merchandise know that it is pricey. I suggest as I do with other parks, that you look to Amazon or Ebay before your trip for deals on different items. It can be very easy to spend all of your money in the shops inside the park. I know I could lose my whole bank account in any store on Diagon Alley. 

Stairs, stairs, and did I mention Stairs?

You will be walking up and down a lot of stairs and ramps at the park. This is especially true if you plan to do Diagon Alley or Hogwarts Express. If you can not handle stairs, please reach out to a staff member and ask about taking the elevator. In some situations this will be an option.

Essential Oils help!

While we were at the park peppermint essential oil in a roller bottle were a life saver. I put them on my head to combat headaches. I also put a little bit on my wrist. This was great to smell when the smell of sweaty people in line was too much. People are great but not all people believe in basic hygiene such as deodorant. It can be good to have a way to remove the bad smells.

This park isn’t really designed for young kids.

Hear me out because I can hear people disagreeing now. Many of the rides are for children 42 inches or taller. There are also some themes that would not be easy for some younger children to handle. If you have a younger child, I suggest Islands of Adventure as more of the rides and experiences are geared toward a younger demographic.

10 More Things I didn't know about Universal Orlando

The Drink Machines have water.

Even if you don’t have the refillable cups, you can use the drink machines to get cold water throughout the day. You may have to wait in line but if you want cold water this could be a great place to get it. Many of the outdoor ride lines also have water fountains.

There are hidden treats.

Keep an eye on 12 Grimmauld Place and you may see Kreacher peaking out to see what the muggles are doing. Dial MAGIC on the rotary phone in the phone box in London for a surprise message. Make sure to stop and say hello to the shrunken head on the Knight Bus. Be ready. He can be pretty funny. My biggest tip, look up. Wherever you go in the park, look up. There are so many amazing details hidden around the different rides and attractions. Don’t be focused on what is in front of you and miss out on some great things.

Are you visiting Universal Studios Orlando? I am sure you will have an amazing trip!

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